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Turrets are the basic weapon used by spacecraft and military gun towers. They are capable of dealing with small threats alone, or large unshielded spaceships enmasse.

A turret requires a troop to man it, and the turret it self has a limited firing arc. This means that proper placement of turrets is very important, since they have to both be accessible and have a good field of view.

Unlike the weapon bay, turrets can target hostile animals, citizens, avatars and vehicles. So they are very useful when assaulting cities as troops can fire at defenders from relative safety in the sky. However the limited range and power of the turrets limit their ability to engage spaceships or heavily armored targets.

Turret damage and range does improve with quality, as well as the quality of the ammunition used.


Turrets require a type of ammunition in order to fire. The ammunition depends on the turret module in use.

When operating a turret, use the Cargo (F5) window's Ordnance tab to load it with an ammunition unit.

Depending on the turret module and ammunition, the turret with have a number of rounds before having to load a new ammunition unit.

For more information, see the Ordnance page.

Turret Types

The type of turret can be selected in the designer when placing the turret.

Turret type can also be changed using turret modules after it has been constructed.

Ballistic Weapon Turret

Ballistic Weapon Turrets uses heavy arms ammunition and has 300 rounds per ammunition unit. Damage depends on the ammunition used, and higher quality ammunition will do more damage.

Weapon Launcher Turret

Weapon Launcher Turrets uses small missiles, small rockets, large missiles and large rockets. The number of rounds per ammunition unit depends on the ammunition type used. Damage depends on the ammunition used, and higher quality ammunition will do more damage.

Turret rounds per ammunition unit
Ammo Type Rounds
Small Rocket 50
Small Missile 30
Large Rocket 25
Large Missile 15

Energy Weapon Turret

Energy Weapon Turrets uses a energy weapon lens but does not consume it, instead it takes one unit of electricity from the spacecraft's capacitor and receives 100 rounds.