Energy Weapon Lens

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Energy Weapon Lens
Nominal Cost
Type dependent
Pack Size
  • 6

Energy weapon lens are used for energy weapon bays, energy weapon turrets and vehicles.


Energy weapon lenses are never consumed, but can be loaded into something.

  • They are loaded into a vehicle or energy weapon turret.
    • This is done using the Ordnance tab on the Cargo (F5) window.
    • If the ordnance is changed again, the energy weapon lens is returned.
  • Energy weapon bay uses the energy weapon lenses directly from the spacecraft's hold or city's inventory.
    • An energy weapon bay needs (Round(Weapon Bay volume/25)+1) energy weapon lenses to fire at full power.

See the Ammunition page for more information.


There are 10 types of energy weapon lenses and some require rare, hard to get resources.

Name Damage type Special component Heat sink
Electron Beam Lens Electrical Crystals Cryo HS
Neutron Beam Lens Radiation Radioactives Cryo HS
Freeze Ray Lens Freezing Cryozine Cryo HS
Heat Ray Lens Burning Phlogiston Cryo HS
Erg Ray Lens Bludgeon Io Tube Cryo HS
Disruptor Beam Lens Sonic Myrathane Magmium HS
Stasis Beam Lens Paralysis Polytaride Magmium HS
Proton Beam Lens Piercing Antiflux Particles Vulcium HS
Disintegrator Ray Lens Slashing Bolite Vulcium HS
Compressor Beam Lens Crushing Borexino Precipitate Vulcium HS

For more information about the different damage types, see the Damage Type page.

Produced by

Building Produces Consumed Required Optional
Weapon Smith 10 Compressor Beam Lens

Weapon Smith 10 Disintegrator Ray Lens

Weapon Smith 10 Disruptor Beam Lens

Weapon Smith 10 Electron Beam Lens

Weapon Smith 10 Erg Ray Lens

Weapon Smith 10 Freeze Ray Lens

Weapon Smith 10 Heat Ray Lens

Weapon Smith 10 Neutron Beam Lens

Weapon Smith 10 Proton Beam Lens

Weapon Smith 10 Stasis Beam Lens