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There are several damage types in the game. Some damage types are only different in name and what protects against them.

These are the damage types available from weapons and ammunition.

Damage Types

Name Short Note Dealt by
Acid Ac Can apply acid burning effect, similar to fire. Racial Special Weapon, Heavy Arms Ammunition PiAc
Bludgeon Bl Collision, Heavy Arms Ammunition PiBl, Small Missile Bl Zipper, Small Missile BlBu Barnburner, Small Rocket Bl Partypopper, Small Rocket BlBu Firecracker, Large Missile Bl Thumper, Large Missile BlBu Fireball, Large Rocket Bl Thud, Large Rocket BlBu Molotov, Bomb Bl Black Cat, Bomb BlPi Porcupine, Bomb BlRa Los Alamos, Erg Ray Lens
Burning Bu Has a higher chance of setting a target on fire. Racial special Weapon, Laser Rifle, Laser Pistol, Small Missile BlBu Barnburner, Small Rocket BlBu Firecracker, Large Missile BlBu Fireball, Large Rocket BlBu Molotov, Large Rocket BuDi Scudpox, Heat Ray Lens
Crushing Cr Small Missile CrFr Snowball, Bomb SlCr Meat Slicer, Compressor Beam Lens
Disease Di Can cause disease. Disease, Racial Special Weapon, Large Rocket BuDi Scudpox
Electrical El Racial Special Weapon, Bomb ElSt Tesla, Electron Beam Lens
Freezing Fr Small Missile CrFr Snowball, Freeze Ray Lens
Paralysis  ?  ?
Piercing Pi Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Кала́шников, Heavy Arms Ammunition Pi, Heavy Arms Ammunition PiAc, Heavy Arms Ammunition PiBl, Heavy Arms Ammunition PiRa, Small Rocket SlPi Meathook, Bomb BlPi Porcupine, Proton Beam Lens
Poison Po Can cause poison. Poison, Large Missile SlPo Sideviper, Bomb SuPo Muffler
Radiation Ra Heavy Arms Ammunition PiRa, Bomb BlRa Los Alamos, Neutron Beam Lens
Slashing Sl Atmospheric stress, Small Rocket SlPi Meathook, Large Missile SlPo Sideviper, Bomb SlCr Meat Slicer, Disintegrator Ray Lens
Sonic So Atmospheric stress, Disruptor Beam Lens
Stun St Bomb ElSt Tesla, Stasis Beam Lens
Suffocation Su Vacum, Inhabitable Atmosphere, Bomb SuPo Muffler