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The logo of Hazeron Starship

Hazeron Starship is the singleplayer version of Shores of Hazeron, which will be released on the Steam store.

Store page: currently private/hidden

SteamDB entry: https://steamdb.info/app/1450480/info/


On 2021-02-03, Haxus started sending out beta keys for Steam access to Hazeron Starship. This was fully playable, and included some UI changes to accommodate the singleplayer aspect, such as a "Save Game" button and revamped logo.

This release included none of the updated story Haxus was working on, and only the basic village was present at the start.

Version-wise, this was still 6e15 in the client.

Haxus has acknowledged the possibility of adding "limited multiplayer" functionality to Starship in the future - a commonly requested feature by players following the end of the MMO.

As of January 2022, Haxus announced plans to release Starship on Steam and resumed development on it.[1]

Starship and the MMO both have a similar build process, to minimize development time on Haxus' end. This means bugfixes for Shores could easily be replicated in Starship.