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Capital cities are important for any established empire, be it spacefaring or not, since without a capital city, an empire cannot make any money. In order to declare a city the capital, it must have a capitol building.

Empire Capital City

The Empire Capital City is the center point of the whole empire. It is the place from which all government business is being done and where all or most of the official government buildings are located. In Shores of Hazeron, one city in each empire may be designated as the empire capital. Any city can be declared the capital of the empire, as long as it has a capitol building. By default, only the emperor or vice-emperor can designate a city to be the capital.

The empire capital city is an important and strategic part of an empire. Here is why:

  • An empire without an empire capital does not accumulate a treasury.
  • Sensor consoles aboard spacecraft display a distinctive blip for the empire capital city.
  • The DNA of citizens in the capital city will be the base DNA shown to players when viewing the empire on empire joining list.
  • An empire must have an empire capital city to be tallied on the Empire Standings page of the main website.

Sector Capital City

In addition to the capital city of the empire, a player can define sector capitals. One city of an empire in each sector may be designated as the sector capital. In order to become a sector capital, the city must meet the same requirements as the empire capital, i.e. have a capitol building. By default emperor, vice-emperor, or sector administrator can designate a city to be a sector capital.

An empire must have an empire capital city to have any use for sector capitals. For this reason, a sector capital cannot be declared if the empire does not have a capital city.

When a sector has a sector capital, cities in that sector send their daily tribute to the sector capital instead of directly to the empire capital city. This allows the tax revenue from a sector to be concentrated by funneling it through a single city.

Sector capitals enable technology research to be distributed to different parts of the empire. By receiving the money first, sector capitals conduct local research with the money. When it is time to send their tribute to the capital, they send a portion of the cash they have on hand.

Sector capitals create more concentrations of money for avatars to collect large debts that are owed them. This may help to distribute the risk of losing the treasury due to the capture of a lone capital city.

Sector capitals provide alternate locations for the capital city, in case the capital city needs to be moved. There is no cost associated with moving the capital. Once the new capital is declared, cities and sector capitals will begin sending their tribute to the new capital city.

It is possible for a city to be both the empire capital city and a sector capital. The empire capital is not automatically considered to be a sector capital. A sector capital must be explicitly declared.