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Shores of Hazeron simulates a small universe containing twenty one galaxies.

Intergalactic wormholes exist at the core of most galaxies. These wormholes interconnect a galaxy with one or more other galaxies. This is similar to the network of wormholes that interconnects solar systems.

A spacecraft equipped with a wormhole PNN FTL drive is needed to traverse intergalactic wormholes. Immense gravitational forces exist near the supermassive black hole hosting these wormholes. Entry and exit from them is a dangerous experience, requiring patience and a good feel for flying the ship. AI crew members cannot do it.

Galaxies are extremely far apart from each other. It is not possible to deadhead from one galaxy to another.


The universe is split into three dimensions. Dimensions are separated by two known discontinuities in the fabric of space and time.

Scoring is tallied separately for the war and peace dimensions, on the Shores of Hazeron web site.

Travel between dimensions is difficult but not impossible. No gear is permitted to cross from one dimension to another.

Comm and mail communications span all dimensions. Players can easily chat with other players who are in any dimension.

⚔ War Dimension

The war dimension contains ten galaxies interconnected by wormholes. In the war dimension, avatars are able to harm each other, destroy each others buildings, and conquer cities. This is also referred to as the pvp (player vs player) dimension.

The war dimension offers a bleak brutal existence. Those who choose to inhabit the war dimension should not complain about getting subjugated and destroyed. Nobody is “nice” in the war dimension.

☮ Peace Dimension

The peace dimension contains ten galaxies interconnected by wormholes. In the peace dimension, avatars are unable to harm each other or conquer cities. This is also referred to as the pve (player vs environment) dimension, or no-pvp dimension.

The peace dimension offers an environment where players can build cities and ships, interact with other players, perhaps even role play, without the soul crushing defeat of having everything you have built be reduced to smoking craters.

♁ Earth Dimension

Nothing is known about the Earth dimension.


Discontinuities are the margins between dimensions. Discontinuities separate the space and time of each dimension from other dimensions.

In the fabric of the Hazeron multiverse, there is only one discontinuity between all dimensions. The named discontinuities are areas of space time where two dimensions are particularly "close" to each other, in a hyper dimensional sense.

Σ Discontinuity

The sigma discontinuity separates the peace dimension from the Earth dimension.

Ω Discontinuity

The omega discontinuity separates the war dimension from the Earth dimension.


Name Picture Diameter Flags Dimension
Andromeda Rising Andromeda Rising 2'800pc War
Black Hole Black Hole 1'200pc War
Core Core 2'500pc Peace
Crown of Othon Crown of Othon 5'600pc Peace
Dyrathon's Retreat Dyrathon's Retreat 2'200pc War
Edge of the Rift Edge of the Rift 2'100pc Peace
Falla's Embrace Falla's Embrace 2'800pc Peace
Fallen Legions of Muturon Fallen Legions of Muturon 1'400pc War
Heart of Victorus Heart of Victorus 4'700pc War
House Zanathar House Zanathar 2'100pc Peace
Indigo Sea Indigo Sea 1'800pc Peace
In'kar Border Region In'kar Border Region 3'200pc War
Milky Way Milky Way 3'500pc Earth
Muturon Encounter Muturon Encounter 2'000pc Peace
Ransuul's Flaming Sword Ransuul's Flaming Sword 1'200pc War
Seven Ten Seven Ten 2'600pc War
Shores of Hazeron Shores of Hazeron 5'000pc
  • Pirate Home (Seledon)
  • Primeval World
  • Home World
  • Solo Design Environment
Thustra's Eye Thustra's Eye 4'100pc War
Veil of Targoss Veil of Targoss 3'000pc
  • Pirate Home (Seledon)
  • Primeval World
  • Home World
Vreenox Eclipse Vreenox Eclipse 1'500pc Peace
Vulcan's Forge Vulcan's Forge 2'900pc Peace

Galaxy Flags

  • Home World
    Galaxies with the Home World flag can be selected as a starting galaxy during avatar creation.
  • Pirate Home
    Pirate empires are most commonly encountered in their home galaxy. Their prevalence in other galaxies diminishes with distance from their home galaxy.
  • Primeval World
    When Primeval World is launched, a galaxy with the Primeval World flag is randomly selected in order to generate the solar system.
  • Solo Design Environment
    When the offline designer is launched, a galaxy with the Solo Design Environment flag is randomly selected in order to generate the skybox.