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Avatar creation is what all players start their Hazeron journey with. You'll have the ability to create your character, name it, select a spawn type and spawn region.

Character creation

Basic avatar creation UI, with numbered steps given.

Once you've logged in, you'll be presented with the option of creating a gen III or gen IV avatar. Gen IV is currently unfinished and lacks many abilities that Gen III has, so it's currently recommended to use Gen III.

Note: This page also lists your existing avatars once created, but for now you'll need to make a new one.

Upon selecting Gen III, you'll be given a variety of options. You're given a select amount of points which you can spend on the DNA, alongside some other limits such as eye height having to be within certain bounds.

With these points, you can allocate stats such as Speed or Endurance, alongside making the avatar bigger or adding more limbs as necessary. See step 1 in the image.

Do note that if you add wings, you'll need to select the checkbox "Can jump or fly" under the "Body" tab in order to actually be able to fly with them.

Ensure that there are no red errors given underneath the customization area, and you'll be good to go.

Once you're happy with the look and stats of the avatar, you'll have to give it a name before you can finish the process. This can be seen in step 2 of the image.

Note: The name does not have to be unique. Any number of avatars can use the exact same name.

Spawn Type

You're given the option between Reach for the Stars or Citizen of the galaxy. The first is a completely fresh start on a random habitable world, with an asteroid impact happening a week from spawning. The latter includes you joining an existing empire, for easily joining your friends. This option can be seen as step 3 in the image. A description of each type can be seen at the bottom left of the creation UI.

If you select Reach for the Stars, you are shown the impact date and time of the asteroid next to the spawn type. This can be offset by plus or minus 12 hours, to give a bit of flexibility.

All spawn options available across both game versions.

Hazeron Starship provides two extra spawn types, The Savage State and Lost Atlantis. Savage State is the same as Reach for the Stars, except there's no starting village, no Targoss and no asteroid impact. Lost Atlantis asks you to create an empire before spawning, and starts you in deep space within the bridge of Haxus' Atlantis starship design.

Spawn Region

In addition, you'll find the "Homeworld Region" option underneath the asteroid impact time. This can be set to North, East, West and South, with a cluster or frontier option for each respective axis. You'll also find an aptly named "Remote" spawn option. Step 4 shows this.

All avatars start in the Shores of Hazeron galaxy.

Cluster generally means you'll spawn near other players, sometimes in a sector that has other players. This is good for players who wish to experience the most player interaction, and have the highest chances of encountering others. Eastern Cluster is the default option, and was in the past before the region was able to be selected.

Frontier places you within a sector that is uninhabited. However, this can be next to a named sector, placing you relatively nearby other players. This is good for those who wish to start a bit farther than what the cluster option provides, but you'll still have a decent chance of encountering other players this way.

Remote places you completely randomly in the starting galaxy, usually not next to a named sector. This is good for those who wish to minimize player interaction. Be aware however that this can still spawn you near others, due to it being mostly random.

Joining an Empire

If you select "Citizen of the Galaxy", you'll be given a list of empires to join. However, the empires will need to have a password set to appear on this list. By default, no password is set and thus the empire doesn't appear here. This can be done in the Empire Policy tab in the F12 window, using the "Set join password" button.

Imbox deletion.png An important note!

Upon joining, it appears that currently you're placed on a random habitable world. You can use the Recall Home ability to teleport to the existing empire's cities if you wish to start there.

It's generally recommended to find an existing empire to join by either asking on the Recruiting forum section, asking on the community Discord server, or creating a solo avatar and asking other players on the in-game Galactic communication channel.

Finishing up

Once you're done, click the "Go" button with the planet at the bottom right. This will be greyed out if there's any errors shown under the customization area, so make sure that's clear first.

It may be worth checking out The Basics page to familiarize yourself with the controls before entering.

This will enter you into the game at your chosen spawn region, on a random habitable planet. For the next steps, see Starting as an Emperor.