Harvester Mission

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This guide gives a short overview of how to setup a harvester mission for your harvester bay equipped spacecraft.


The spacecraft is first of all required to have a harvester bay. This is done using a weapon bay and installing a harvester bay module in it.

Cargo hold need to be of a good size, and a large fuel cell is recommended.

Lastly an officer is required for automated missions.

Harvesting Factors

The harvester bay's output is affected by the abundance of the resource in the target world. The abundance can be seen on the system survey as a percentage number.

Atmospheric resources are further affected by the atmosphere density of the target world.

Harvest Order

Harvest order guide
  1. Select the order (by Bay or by Module)
  2. Select the world to harvest from
  3. Set fuel threshold (10-20% is normally ok)
  4. Select the resource to harvest
  5. Select the amount to harvest or set the Bay/Module to idle

Example Mission

A simple harvest mission example