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Technology Update
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The technology system in the game had for a long time been waiting for an overhaul. The common consensus had slowly turned recommend plain removal of the TL value from everything[1] and replace the whole technology mechanic with something new.

On 2017-09-25[2] Haxus released the patch notes for an update that could remove the "TL" as hoped. The patch notes included a few questions about a few values and how to transition from the old system to the new. However in many cases the proposed new system might have many of the same issues the old system had.

On 2018-09-21[3] that system was removed again. This means that nothing prevent harvesting of resources or affect the quality of the production. A new system has not been announced yet.


The tech level system and building quality level system have both been removed. Now nothing prevents or affects the quality of harvested resources. If your survey says the moon has Q250 Lumenite, you can harvest it at that level without any issue or delay (aside from quick patent research, see below).

A new technology system might be planned out later.


Patents indicate what your empire has invented.

  • Everything more advanced than metal products, now have their manufacturing processes require a patent.
  • The quality of the patent limits the quality of the manufacturing process's output. Having a Q50 patent will cause all production with it to be Q50 or lower. Simply research the patent again with the better resources to increase it to the new quality level.
  • Each building/city has their own list of patents.
  • Patents are stored with the empire and automatically propagated to other empire owned buildings/cities.
  • Patents can be exported into an item and then traded with other empires.

For more information, see the Patent page.

Mass Media Building

The mass media building has no use. It might be changed to have a morale function at some point.



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