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A spacecraft can be refit and upgraded. A subsystem type can be changed to another and subsystem volumes can be adjusted, this includes upgrading a spacecraft's subsystem to a higher quality of its current type too.

Spare Parts

Subsystem modules are a type of spare parts commodity manufactured at an airport repair shop. From there they can be purchased or used by the airport repair shop itself.

There are many types of subsystems modules, each categorized with their corresponding spacecraft subsystem they belong to.


The modules installed in a spacecraft's subsystems can be upgraded or change to another type.


There are two ways to install a new type of module in a spacecraft's subsystem; service purchase or manual installation.

Service Purchase

The spacecraft service window, listing the subsystems on the current spacecraft.

An airport repair shop is able to rent their services to install modules. The service costs a bit of money and will require the spacecraft is moored at a space station or in the city for a little while.

Using the Trade communication channel's Spacecraft Service menu, a full list of all spacecraft subsystems that can be upgraded are listed. Selecting one and requesting modules will ask all cities in range which modules they have for that particular spacecraft subsystem.

Imbox deletion.png An important note!

If the desired module isn't offered for the module change, it might be because the city doesn't have enough modules of that type to finish the job. Number of modules needed depends on the size of the subsystem being changed.

Manual Installation

Manually installing a new modules requires the spacecraft to have a service panel of the corresponding type. If the spacecraft doesn't have a service panel for the subsystem it can't be manually repaired or upgraded.

The spacecraft has to be moored to a space station or landed anywhere, and then rigged for repair by powering down all subsystems on board the spacecraft. First the old modules have to be uninstalled. Once all the modules have been uninstalled, the subsystem will chance to the new type when the first module is installed. The modules are uninstalled with the alternative use of a related tool on the service panel, and installed with the use of the same tool.


The spacecraft service window, detailing refit options for the current spacecraft.

The refitting of a spacecraft's subsystem volumes can't be done manually, it can only be done by the service of an airport repair shop.