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Many commodities that can be held in the inventory can be used in some way. Most notable are tools and handheld weapons.


Knife attack selected.
Knife skinning selected.

All commodities in the inventory that is not in a container, also called the ready inventory, can be selected. The currently selected item is shown in the corner of the screen, an icon of the item and icons to hint at its function.

Some items have more than one function; for example the hammer has a function to use it as a weapon and a second function to use it as a tool for manually spacecraft repairs.

To cycle through all available items and functions, using "Select Next Item" and "Select Previous Item" keys. Defaults are: MouseWheelUp, MouseWheelDown, PageUp and PageDown.


Items wear down over time due to normal wear and tear, or exposure to the environment.

Each time an item is used, a test is performed based on the quality of the item. If the test fails, one point is subtracted from the item's condition. When the last condition point is gone, the item breaks and it is removed from play.