Life Support

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Life Support
Consumed Materials
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Tools Required
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Life support maintains a habitable environment on board spacecraft and in buildings.

When the life support system is offline avatars will be unable to spawn on the spacecraft, this includes both spawning from the Recall Home ability and respawning after death.

Artificial Gravity

The life support gravity module functions the same as the non-gravity variant, but adds artificial gravity to the spacecraft at the cost of requiring eludium.

While functioning correctly, the life support gravity module generates an artificial gravity field on the spacecraft. This means that while not on the surface of a planet there will be gravity on board the spacecraft while the system is online.

Self Sustaining

The life support system onboard a spacecraft will stay online even if the spacecraft is out of power. This allows it to maintain the habitable environment (and artificial gravity) in any situation, unless it is itself damaged or intentionally turned offline using the power relay station.

Designer Information

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Information only useful for spacecraft designing.

Volume Amount

The amount of life support volume required on a spacecraft depends on the number of berths onboard.

volume needed = berths * ?

Extra life support volume will help the spacecraft re-pressurize faster if it has been depressurized. And also provide redundancy, allowing the life support system to sustain more damage before becoming inoperative.

Maximum Berths

The quality level of the life support system determine the maximum amount of crew the spacecraft can have.

lifeSupportQMin = (nonOfficerBerths - 8) x 8


nonOfficerBerthsMax = 8 + lifeSupportQ / 8