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Historical Event
Core War
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The Core War was a war that occurred during the fourth universe. This was related to the defence/control of the galactic core after Supermassive Black Holes were added.

Involved parties on one side included an alliance known as the Galactic Core Confederation containing four empires: EIN, Trap, Venumia and Сибирские Медведи, alongside the Neo Terran Front working with this alliance. The other side included The Galactic Alliance[1] containing six empires: the Avian Alliance, Audacian Imperium, The Asgard, Xandogen Empire, Xajorkithian Commonality and Zet, alongside The Blood Ravens [2][3] and the Klingon Empire[4]. Additionally, another alliance was working with these empires, known as the Moonlit Aristocracy, containing four empires: Endless Horizons, Anglican Alliance, Lunatia and Eagle Monarchy.

The Pre-war state

Initially, the universe was similar to Universe 3. There were no Supermassive Black Holes in the galactic core yet, and the system at 0,0,0 was empty. On the update on the 7th of February, 2014, Supermassive Black Holes were added to the galactic core, allowing for Intergalactic travel[5].

During this period of before and at the creation of these black holes, tensions were already high between multiple different large empires due to early, low-TL attacks. This included Exiles' attacks on neighbouring systems, the large French Empire War on Exiles, and misunderstandings between other empires such as The Blood Ravens and Celat Empire.

The Formation of the GCC

Following the discovery of Black holes and wormholes to alternate galaxies in the core of the Hazeron galaxy, there was a rush of exploration and claiming the new undiscovered galaxies. The Galaxy Core Confederation was formed and began to expand and colonise the core systems aggressively. They repeatedly claimed they were trying to keep the Exiles out of the core and thus restrict their movement to other galaxies. Despite these claims, other explorers and otherwise neutral empires were reportedly attacked and pursued aggressively by the GCC and Trap.

The main events

  • The Klingon Empire Declares war on the Galaxy Core Confederation.
  • The Blood Ravens Declares Exterminatus on the whole GCC.
  • Moonlit Aristocracy and Galactic Alliance Declare war on the GCC.
  • Trap captures some systems, including a ringworld, belonging to Moonlit Aristocracy.
  • The Blood Ravens battle against the Neo Terran Front in the outer reaches while Trap and the GCC fight over the core with the Galactic Alliance and The Klingon Empire.
  • Void of Trap mysteriously surrenders most of his systems to a newbie TL1 Empire called Banana. Klop of Banana was as confused as anyone about why he suddenly controlled 7 sectors of heavily colonized core space.
  • The Blood Ravens formally request the Surrender of GCC and NTF, Neo Terran Front surrendered to banana in tandem with GCC.
  • Banana surrenders all core sectors to Zet of the Galactic Alliance amicably as a result of a diplomatic agreement.

This 12 day war period included espionage and deception from both sides. Empires entered the GCC simply to attempt to find key locations, and the GCC private chat channel was also found due to using "GCC" as the name for that channel. This allowed most enemies of the GCC to intercept communications, and respond to any plans that may have been discussed in that channel.

At the start of the war, due to accusations that the Galactic Core Confederation was attacking any empire, even innocent empires around the core, the GCC was considered as the major enemy of the universe for the rest of this war. This even resulted in previously hostile empires temporarily ceasing hostilities to fight the GCC.

The Core War did not only involve battles between the GCC and other empires. There were empires which joined the GCC and used the alliance for safe transit into other galaxies, before abandoning the alliance. Such empires were then attacked by some members of the GCC if found.

The aftermath led to the abandonment of the GCC, the dissolution of multiple members of GCC such as Trap, and other smaller empires safely traversing the intergalactic wormholes into other galaxies and founding cities in these other galaxies.