Vegetation Density

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Vegetation Density
Nominal Cost
Pack Size
  • n/a

Vegetation density, also known as pasture, can be used to produce animal-related products at farms such as animal carcasses, cheese, eggs, fertilizer and milk.

Manufacturing processes that use vegetation density will fetch it from the environment, but the chance of a successful fetch depends on how dense the foliage is at the farm's location. This can be seen by how green/grassy the ground is or by using the locator's world map.

Seeing foliage on the world map. Here the foliage is 72.

Worlds that do not support plant life will have no vegetation density at all. This means that manufacturing processes require farms to be in a biodome, or it can rely on alternatives, such as hay and silage.

Production uses

Building Produces Consumed Required Optional
Farm 10 Animal Carcasses

  • 10 Vegetation Density

Farm 10 Cheese

  • 10 Vegetation Density

Farm 10 Eggs

  • 10 Vegetation Density

Farm 10 Fertilizer

  • 10 Vegetation Density

Farm 10 Milk

  • 10 Vegetation Density