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Power Plant
Consumed Materials
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Tools Required
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A power plant is required for all spacecraft. The power plant on a spacecraft consumes hydrogen to keep the spacecraft's electric capacitors charged. The amount power plant volume determine how quickly the capacitors recharge.

A basic spacecraft, one with only a helm station, fuel cell, life support, and gravity drive can run off a tiny power plant, even if the spacecraft has over 200m³ gravity drive volume at full throttle. A more than tiny power plant is required if the spacecraft need to operate FTL drives, sensors, shields, energy weapon turrets, or weapon bays.

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Update 2017-01-17: Design Analysis
Capacitor Module
New ship designs now have a capacitor module that is separate from the power plant module. The space for these is allocated separately. Capacitor size determines how much power the capacitor can hold. Power plant size determines the rate at which it can convert fuel to power. This change was also suggested by a player. This change does not affect old-style ship designs.
Hydrogen Power Plant Module
The current power plant module got a slight name change. It is now a Hydrogen Power Plant Module. This is in preparation for other kinds of power plant modules, as suggested by a player.