Ecological Role

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Animals eat things. Animals fill ecological roles in the environments of planets based largely on their diets.

  • Carnivores eat animals.
  • Herbivores eat plants.
  • Omnivores eat animals and plants.
  • Scavengers eat the remains of animals.

As a general rule, eat it before it eats you.

Food Edibility

The ecological role of a city's population define what types of food the city will need.

This is also the food types that are sold and bought by the cantinas and grocery stores in the city. Queries on the comm for food will result in a list of commodities that are edible to the local population, things they think of as food.

Carnivore Herbivore Omnivore Scavenger
Animal Carcass X X X
Animal Meat X X X
Beans X X
Bone X
Brain X X X
Bread X X
Candy X X
Cheese X X X
Eggs X X X
Fish X X X
Fish Meat X X X
Flour X X
Fruit X X
Gills X X X
Grain X X
Grapes X X
Hay X
Heart X X X
Herbs X X
Hops X
Ice Cream X X X X
Leather X
Lungs X X X
Milk X X X X
Nuts X X
Pastry X X
Silage X
Spices X X
Stomach X X X
Sugar X X
Vegetable X X