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A neatly built downtown area of a city.

When building a city, there are a lot of things to watch out for and things to keep track of. Here we try to go through the very basic rules to watch for and which numbers are the most important.

Important Numbers

The most important numbers to keep track of while building a new city is:

These numbers should always be as follows:

  • Homes <= Population limit
  • Buildings <= 250 (Building limit)
  • Jobs < Homes
  • (Homes - Jobs) / Homes) <= 0.2
  • Small homes <= Medium homes + (Large homes × 2)

In other words, don't let the number of homes exceed the population limit of the city's world. Don't let number of jobs equal or exceed the number of homes. And don't let number of homes exceed the number of jobs by more than 20%.

Morale Buildings

Depending on the number of homes, a number of morale building professional jobs are required in order to keep up morale in the city.

This table shows each morale building and the math for finding the required amount of professional jobs.

Building Threshold Math
Church 45 Required = floor(Homes / 45) + 2
Lounge* (Cantina) 50 Required = floor(Homes / 50) + 1
Store* (Retail Store) 55 Required = floor(Homes / 55)
Police Station 60 Required = floor(Homes / 60)
University 70 Required = floor(Homes / 70)
Hospital 80 Required = floor(Homes / 80)
Park 90 Required = floor(Homes / 90)
Grocery 100 Required = floor(Homes / 100)
Zoo 150 Required = floor(Homes / 150)
Arena 175 Required = floor(Homes / 175)
Casino 200 Required = floor(Homes / 200)
* Any building type with lounges/store jobs will be counted.
(Need some confirmation)

It is important to note that having two extra church professional jobs and one extra lounge (cantina) professional job will give morale bonuses.

Lounge bonus can be increased by 1, if the population has enough liquor to drink.


Most Important rules of city building:

  • Don't build more homes than the population limit allows.
  • Don't build more buildings than the building limit of 500 buildings.
  • Get all the required morale buildings for the amount of population.
  • Build the extra levels of church and cantina necessary to get the morale bonuses.
  • The total amount of jobs must not exceed the number of homes, but also must not be lower than 5%.
  • Keep the number of "small homes" less than the number of non-small homes, or simply avoid "small homes" altogether.