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The blueprint exchange is an in-game repository of blueprints published by players.

The blueprint exchange allows you to get a copy of a published blueprint which is then ready for use right away without ever needing to look at the designer yourself.

Building Blueprint Exchange

The building blueprint exchange handles building blueprints, and is accessible by hovering over the Building (F10) button on the sidebar.

Getting blueprints from the building blueprint exchange is normally not necessary. The Construction (F11) window can be configured to show all publish building blueprints that can be used for construction. Only exception being building blueprints that are not free on the building blueprint exchange.

Spacecraft Blueprint Exchange

The Spacecraft window's Exchange tab.

The spacecraft exchange is a place where users can submit and purchase finished spacecraft blueprints and partial assemblies. It is accessible from the Spacecraft (F9) window's Exchange tab.


A finalized blueprint can be published to its corresponding blueprint exchange with a number of different settings and options. For example, you can allow/disallow other users from copying the blueprint, set a purchase price, and other parameters that affect what other people can do with them. All blueprints published here are visible by everybody accessing the exchange, unless specified that they should only be visible to empire or friends.

If a purchase price is set, the publisher of the blueprint receives a receipt by mail whenever the blueprint is purchased. No receipt is sent for free blueprints.

On purchase of a blueprint, it is added to whatever media you select. From this, a spacecraft blueprint can be manufactured at a spacecraft factory, or building blueprint can be selected from the Construction (F11) window's blueprint drop-down.

Blueprints burned to a media straight from the designer are not published here. A blueprint does not have to be published to be useable, and once downloaded from the exchange the blueprint will always be useable even if it is unpublished.

Website Version

A view only version of the blueprint exchange also exists on the Shores of Hazeron website. It lists blueprints published in-game for viewing. This is mainly useful for looking up blueprints on the go or referencing public blueprints in discussions outside of the game.


Blueprint File Exchange

The official website also has a blueprint exchange page for hosting and downloading building and spacecraft blueprints. As these are not linked to the game servers, they cannot have empire restrictions or prices set on them. As with the read-only website exchange, it lists the stats of every blueprint, however this one also includes the size of the file and a button to download the .SoH blueprint file. An account is necessary to upload .SoH blueprint files here, but not to download. After downloading, you'll need to open the file in an designer, and save to library followed by burning to whatever media you wish.