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  2021-01-18 Unit Orders Resume, Npcs
Posted by: Haxus - 11 hours ago - Forum: Updates - Replies (4)

Resume on Unit Orders Window
Unit Orders window now has a right-click menu option to show a resume of information about a unit.

Tool tips on units on the Unit Orders window were shortened to show less information.

Story Functions
Some story functions were added to the script engine, to change the role of npcs and to access npcs at stations and posts.

Fixed a problem with sentient functions that caused them to not work on avatars.

Unified Npc Class
Consolidated all the different behaviors of npc's into a single C++ object class. That is: officers, crew, troops, passengers, workers, indigenous, and story characters. This makes them individually more versatile. For now, they should just keep acting like they did before; you should not be able to notice a difference.

It is now possible to change the role of an npc but there is no UI for doing so. Any suggestions? Should I just offer them a berth? Can an indigenous person accept a berth?

Basic Training
Officers, crew and troops are now created with basic training up to their second rank. The first rank will be applied to npc's who suddenly find themselves in the job with no prior training. They will perform poorly. There is currently only one way to create an untrained npc; that is by getting them out of a cryo berth.

Passengers Stopped Taking Orders
Fixed a problem with new npc class implementation.

Startup Buttons
Added a small amount of text to some of the buttons during game startup. These did not always appear to be buttons to first-time players.

Startup Layout
Made some minor changes to the layout of buttons during game startup, to help first-time players.

Solo Create Empire
Fixed a bug that broke creation of a new empire in the solo game.

Crash on Exit
Clients and servers started crashing during program shutdown.

Fixed a class destructor bug, introduced when atom managers were implemented into the solo game.

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  Animal Behavioral Change Suggestions
Posted by: Deantwo - 01-16-2021, 10:19 AM - Forum: Arena of Ideas - No Replies

Animals as they are right now are just scary monsters that will appear out of nowhere and kill you before you can react.
Safe to say that the old Animal wiki article makes them sound a little more interesting than that.

So I got a number of suggestions to make them just a little more real and less instant killers. I know animals aren't always that important, especially after you got your first city established, but it is still the first couple of hours any player has with the game and its AI and combat. If anyone else got ideas, do share them here and lets discuss this a bit.

Animal Sounds and Behavior

Currently the sounds that animals make are few. They make sound when walking, and they might make a sound when they use some sort of puke attack on you. Subterranean animals makes sounds while walking under ground and are invisible to the player, which is really confusing most of the times.

Their behaviors seems mostly random to the player. Some times they attack you when you get too close or they run away. Either they run away from you after being attacked, or they attack you back. There is no indication that it will attack you if you get close, or a warning that it is about to kill you.

I suggest that animals get some basic roars and growls. Territorial animals would start to growl when you get too close, if you don't leave before some time limit or get even closer, they attack you. Big animals might make some display of power and roar before actively attacking, giving the player a moment to run away. This will give the player warnings about imminent attacks.
The only one I don't have a good idea about would be the flying animals they dive attack you or shoot you with ranged attacks, maybe they can have some loud hawk screech before beginning to attack.

Subterranean animals sound probably stop making sounds while they are underground and inviable. They should make a roar or something when they emerge from the ground, and maybe they should be stuck during some 2 second animation as dirt and dust blow up around them. That way they don't just appear out of no where and kill the player after making loud sounds from nowhere.
A small side note, subterranean animals show up on the helmet's radar as if they were there like normal animals. Maybe a new icon for subterranean entities would be useful.

Animal Territories and Nests

Currently as far as I know, all animal encounters are technically just scripted events that happen when an avatar is in the wilderness of a world with wildlife. But they always seem to just be randomly walking around and hunting the avatar that triggered it.

I would love to see some form of actual animal nests and dens appear on worlds. Such as a wolf den that will cause wolves to appear in the surrounding area and attack other animals and avatars that come near. maybe they could even affect cities that are in their area, giving the game some minor pest control to deal with. Then you could go destroy the wolf den, or even get missions from a city to do it. (Same could be done with bandit camps I guess.)

On the smaller scale of things, just adding a small nest to some animal encounters would make it more interesting and show where animals might be territorial. Just some eggs on the ground with animals around it would be the most basic neat I can think of.

Animal Repellents

Currently animals will chase you forever, or ignore you when you are near a campfire or tent. This has caused some players to make long roads of campfires while scouting.

I have always liked the idea of making smaller animals leave you alone if you have a lit torch selected. Bigger animals might not care unless you attack them with the torch. Loud sounds, like the sound of gunfire or a laser rifle could also scare away animals.

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Exclamation Raising Claim Limits
Posted by: Zensras - 01-04-2021, 05:05 PM - Forum: Arena of Ideas - Replies (2)

One of the main complains that I've seen with the turn back to subscription was the amount of claims an avatar can have is a bit low and encourages people to have multiple accounts for a decent-sized empires.  I'm not asking for too much major of a change but for a bump in the number of claims an avatar can have or have it expand to an certain limit somehow.

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  Farm Animals not in an Empire are Hostile
Posted by: Deantwo - 01-03-2021, 10:52 PM - Forum: Bug Reports - Replies (1)

If an without an empire makes a farm with an animal production process, the animals that are spawned will be hostile towards the avatar. In some cases the animal just runs away instead.

I assume this is because the animals aren't part of an empire, and therefore have their normal animal AI.

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  Avatars in Limbo don't protect their Land
Posted by: Deantwo - 01-03-2021, 10:48 PM - Forum: Bug Reports - No Replies

If an avatar is in limbo of some kind, all solar systems protected by their Land seems to stop being protected almost right away.

I don't know what kind of limbo this is. For example I haven't been able to login on Doppler Effect for a couple weeks, and all the solar systems he had on his Land have already decayed.

I have seen this happen a number of times to others.

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  2021-01-02 Hazeron Plans for the Future
Posted by: Haxus - 01-03-2021, 12:01 AM - Forum: Updates - Replies (20)

Here is a general update on plans for the near future of Hazeron.

We are working to get Hazeron Starship ready for release on Steam. It is fully integrated into our build processes so updates to the software propagate to all versions: the Hazeron Starship solo game and the Shores of Hazeron MMO clients and servers. My first priority is on the Steam release but changes often apply to the mmo client and/or servers as well.

Shores of Hazeron - The MMO Game
The mmo Shores of Hazeron will continue to be free online until Hazeron Starship is released on Steam. Then it will return to being $10 per month using PayPal, as before.

No changes are planned or pending that would force a reset of the database. There is no current plan to reset the database at any point along the way.

There is some hope that the solo game will drive players to try the mmo. The servers are being kept online until after the Steam release, to see how that plays out.

To be honest, it will take a miraculous surge in interest in the online game to keep the servers alive. They are expensive to maintain and they are not needed at all for the Steam version, which is solo playable only. 

In my opinion, I predict the servers are taken off line a few months after the Steam release.

The web site will remain up to support the wiki and the forum, mainly for bug reporting.

Hazeron Starship - The Solo Game
The solo Hazeron Starship is currently getting a surge of attention, to get ready for release on Steam.

The current plan is to work hard for the next three months to get ready, with the possibility of going six months, if that is needed.

Steamworks has fully approved Hazeron Starship for release on Steam. I just need to push the button and Hazeron Starship will be announced as "Coming Soon". It will remain in that state for two weeks before it is actually available in the Steam app store.

Rather than rush into that, I decided the game needed more solo play content. I wanted to give the player more value for their money. I also wanted to improve the story.

What I would really like to see is a continuing story that rambles along but never really ends, like a soap opera or comic book, like episodes of Star Trek or The Mandalorian. Updates to the software would include additions to the story as they become available.

To that end, it is beneficial to start with a substantial amount of story for players to play through. That way it takes them a while to catch up to the leading edge, where the author is now in the story. As the story grows longer, each new player after that has an even longer story to play, before they catch up.

I hired a professional novelist and playwright to take command of the story telling in the game. It is a long time Shores of Hazeron player who is passionate about the game. I do not yet know if they want their identity known to the players so that will remain unsaid for now.

They have the latitude to rewrite the story from scratch. No bit of the existing story need be saved.

This will lead to useful improvements in the story script engine.

Eventually, it might be possible to make the script engine available to the public. Then players could write and share stories between themselves. Some games have done this successfully. It doesn't really work for the mmo, unless someone at this end reviews and approves each script. Otherwise it's, "Oh look, is that a patent for warp 9 lying on the ground? Whoa Q255 even!"

Steam assigned an Adult rating to Hazeron Starship. It makes sense for a game where players can get naked, have sex, and bear children.

One benefit to that adult rating is that children won't be playing the game. It is detailed and complicated. It really isn't a game for children.

Another benefit to that is the author can write for an adult audience. Steam is a mature platform, with a lot of mature players. I think adults want to be spoken to like adults, not like children. Knowing the audience is comprised of adults, the author can develop an engaging story that might not be interesting to children. I don't mean pornography or crudeness, but complexity and subtlety, with adult themes and innuendo.

Steamworks currently shows 94 million active monthly users. An unknown number of them are adults. An unknown number of those adults might be interested in a complicated space game.

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Lightbulb Kindly revert to the old(old) style cities and spacecraft
Posted by: wad67 - 12-30-2020, 01:41 AM - Forum: Arena of Ideas - Replies (20)

The square city building blocks were better and easier to use, as was the old ship designer.

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  2020-12-22 Bug Fixes
Posted by: Haxus - 12-22-2020, 03:22 PM - Forum: Updates - Replies (12)

Sunset Color
Light color on the clouds at sunset and sunrise is based only on the sun light color, which means there are only seven possible sunset colors. Could this be influenced by atmosphere color for more variety?

Light color on the clouds at sunset and sunrise is now modulated by atmosphere color to give more variety.

Designer Preview Bug
Designer building design preview puts me in orbit.

Fixed initial placement bug in designer preview.

Designer Building Preview Terrain Bug
Building preview in designer does not deform the terrain.

Fixed terrain update bug in designer preview.

Star Map Docking Bug
The star map displays random images when you dock and undock it.

Docking and undocking appears to cause problems with the OpenGL map display. The only fix I could find for this was to prevent that window from docking at all.

Solo Atom Managers
Solo play needs more threads to run the universe in the background or it will get increasingly choppy as the player expands their empire.

Implemented atom managers from the scene servers. More threads will now enable a larger solo play empire.

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  Relocate Street Lights to "Landscaping"
Posted by: Zaperia - 12-13-2020, 05:32 AM - Forum: Arena of Ideas - Replies (1)

Street lights take up building slots for 'too many buildings' morale debuffs. To really use them to make a city look nice you need quite a few. They also take up a lot of room in the 'building list' window which is a chunk to scroll through when I am managing the buildings.

So I think it would be a good idea to relocate street lights under landscaping so we do not have to worry about their abundance causing mass depression within the city when they go over the building limit.  Big Grin

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  Crew Stopping Confuses New Players
Posted by: Deantwo - 12-06-2020, 10:02 AM - Forum: Bug Reports - Replies (1)

It seems that a lot of new players are confused as to why their ships traveling to explored space stop while they're avatar is offline.

A small easy solution could be to have it be part of the ship's welcome back message that the ship sends on the crew channel. Maybe something along the lines of:

... Welcome back commander. We could not continue with the travel order into to unknown space while you were not actively on the ship.
They can also mention something in the ship log mails, simply add a line like: "Couldn't continue order without an online avatar."

The biggest issue I have with this is how the crew is supposed to actually lore-wise react to an avatar being offline. Not a big issue I know, but it just bugs me.

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