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Star LC Galactic Trade {Lunar Company}
Posted by: Arwe - 11-17-2022, 08:37 AM - Forum: Diplomacy - No Replies

[Image: the_flag_of_the_new_lunar_republic__no_t...82-pre.jpg]
If you are looking for a quick way to get the best resources in the game
If you don't want to wait half a year to research more advanced warp technology
And if you are looking for mercenaries for various tasks, but do not know where to find them

Then this topic is for you!

The Lunar Company is pleased to provide its services in the sale, exchange and provision of special goods for everyone. Using our services, you can save a lot of time, because now you do not have to spend time on long-term patent research or tedious scanning of space sectors.
All what you need is some in-game currency, resources to trade, or a willingness to cooperate. Our prices are calculated taking into account inflation and the real value of the goods mentioned below.

If you are interested - sit down and look at our price list. We are ready to conclude an agreement with everyone.

The first thing you should know about our trading system is

Considering that for the owners of gold mines money (¢) becomes almost an unnecessary factor, an additional generalizing currency is introduced called Lunar (aka lunar, by analogy with the dinar). It has several interpretations, but they are all interchangeable and can be used to exchange between each other. Roughly speaking, the currency has many meanings, but they are all equal.
Briefly, it can be described as follows:
  • 1 Lunar - It's 1 000 000 000 000¢
  • 1 Lunar - It's 1% tribute paying to Lunar Company Trade Enclave
  • 1 Lunar - It's price (for example) of 10 000 oil units per hour, that the corporation supplies to the customer or vice versa

If you want to get the maximum benefits, then in the appendix to the post are all the details. If not, then just contact one of the representatives of our Company (Or in this topic) so that the contract is drawn up for you.
Lunar Currency

Price List

All prices are in lunars. You can request to buy more than the specified amount, but the total cost must be a multiple of the base price.
That is, you can request a trade for 1 lunar, for 2 lunar, but not for 1.5 lunar.
Instead of hourly deliveries, we can replace agreement by one-time deliveries. The agreement will be one-time, but the volume of goods will increase 100 times.
P/H = Per Hour = х100 once

You can get the following resources:
  • 1 lunar  - Stone q255               -  50000 P/H
  • 1 lunar  - Oil q255                    -  5000 P/H
  • 1 lunar  - Natural Gas q255      -  10000 P/H
  • 1 lunar  - Metal q255                -  10000 P/H
  • 1 lunar  - Warp 1 Modules        -  1000 P/H
  • 2 lunars - Warp 2 Modules       -  1000 P/H
  • 3 lunars - Warp 3 Modules       -  1000 P/H
  • 4 lunars - Warp 4 Modules       -  1000 P/H
  • 6 lunars - Warp 6 Modules       -  1000 P/H
  • 7 lunars - Warp 7 Modules       -  1000 P/H
  • 8 lunars - Warp 8 Modules       -  1000 P/H
  • 1 lunar   - PNN Modules q255  -  1000 P/H

You can get the following services:
  • 1 lunar     - Delivery of your avatar to any coordinates in any of the 20 galaxies (Exception: Limbo Danger Zones)
  • 1 lunar     - A set of all q255 technologies available to us, including PNN, but excluding Warp technologies
  • 1 lunar     - Warp 1 patent
  • 3 lunars   - Warp 2 patent
  • 6 lunars   - Warp 3 patent
  • 8 lunars   - Warp 4 patent
  • 12 lunars - Warp 6 patent
  • 14 lunars - Warp 7 patent
  • 16 lunars - Warp 8 patent

We are ready to pay for the following services:
  • 5   lunars     - Permission for building on 1 ringworld arc in your territory
  • 1   lunar      - Permission to build a military base in your home system on a moon-class airless planet
        Condition: You must provide (i.e. give access to) this military base water and building materials for metal buildings of all types.
  • 20 lunars    - Warp 9 patent
  • 1   lunar      - 1 000 000 000 000¢
  • 1   lunar      - Vassalage/Alliance on the terms of 1% tribute from your side
  • 1   lunar      - Always independently offer contracts using our currency
  Possible types of agreements: In exchange for these services, you can receive hourly deliveries or one-time deliveries/services.

We are ready to pay for the following resources with q255:
  • 5 lunars   - Bolite                     - 5000 P/H
  • 4 lunars   - Phlogiston             - 10000 P/H
  • 5 lunars   - Viathol                   - 1000 P/H
  • 5 lunars   - Flomentum            - 1000 P/H
  • 2 lunars   - Myrathane            - 10000 P/H
  • 10 lunars - Cryozine               - 100000 P/H
  • 5 lunars   - Antiflux                 - 1000 P/H
  • 2 lunars   - Borexino               - 10000 P/H
  • 3 lunars   - Magmex (Raw)      - 5000 P/H
  • 5 lunars   - Vulcanite (Ore)      - 5000 P/H
  • 10 lunars - Adamantite (Ore)  - 10000 P/H
  • 1 lunar    - Fish                       - 100000 P/H
  • 5 lunars  - Preons A                - 100 P/H
  • 5 lunars  - Preons B                - 100 P/H
  • 5 lunars  - Preons F                - 100 P/H
  • 5 lunars  - Preons G               - 100 P/H
  • 5 lunars  - Preons K               - 100 P/H
  • 5 lunars  - Preons M              - 100 P/H
  • 5 lunars  - Preons O              - 100 P/H
  • 5 lunars  - Warp 9 Modules (Any Q)   - 1000 P/H
  • 2 lunars  - Preons from your home star system (Any Q) - 100000 once
  Possible types of agreements[i]:[/i] If the agreement is hourly, then in exchange for these goods you can only receive hourly deliveries. If the agreement is one-time, then you can only receive one-time supplies or services.

To create a trade contact, an ambassador will be sent to your capital or to your ship as an officer. To do this, you will need to give a password to join your empire or an online connection with you to issue an officer position to an ambassador.

Our prices and list of products are not fixed and will change sometimes, as will be reported in the same topic.
But already concluded agreements will not be changed.

For fairness and clearness, all trade agreements will be duplicated in this thread.
Send a trade agreement request in this thread, to any Lunar Company member in the in-game chat, or to me in Discord (WandererPony#6745)
The application should indicate the name of your empire, an active avatar and the desired conditions for a trade agreement.

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  Lunar Company recruiting
Posted by: Arwe - 10-13-2022, 08:03 AM - Forum: Recruiting - No Replies

[Image: the_flag_of_the_new_lunar_republic__no_t...82-pre.jpg]

The Lunar Company announces a search for candidates for senior corporate positions.

Are you tired of being at the very bottom of the top? Don't like to play alone? Do you want to compete less and feel more useful? Do you want to create, but the endless search for the best resources is killing you? Or vice versa, do you want to explore the galaxy, but there is no way to build even a slow space boat? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you've come to the right place!

Our company is relatively young and has recently appeared on the galactic arena. However, this does not prevent us from continuously striding into the future with great enthusiasm. The activity of our company is primarily aimed at space trade and the development of creative activities. The idea of any war is unprofitable and unpleasant for us.

If you are interested in this, then you will probably ask yourself the question "What can I do in an already builded empire?". Actually a lot of things! Managing a large empire takes up most of the mental resources and it is very difficult for one person to cope with all the tasks. Moreover, there is so much space for action here that in some cases you may not even notice the difference between playing in a foreign empire and playing alone. We respect the right to creative freedom.

So, what, in fact, can be done in our company if you decide to take the position of director:
I) Exploration of surrounding systems  -  More than half of our resources have a quality of 255. But this is not enough. Not to mention, the more ringworlds you find, the better.
II) Planetary, system or sector development  -  We can give you a whole sector (and we have in mind a few with luxurious landscapes), in which you can build up as you please, in return giving only a part of the officers, money and sometimes a resource.
III) Logistics  -   Managing resources, issuing tasks, and managing brokers takes a lot more time than you might think. However, this is a very important position.
IV) Protecting our territories  -  The development of military bases, space stations and battleships also requires a lot of attention, and there is no salvation from pirates at all.
V) PR management  -  We have a few bussines partners and we need to perform multiple tasks associated with it. Including securing trade routes, establishing trade outposts, or reconnaissance in place
VI) Deep Space exploration  -   The interests of our empire extend to our galaxy as well as most others. It takes a lot of respectable work to expand, find special places, or just pave the way.

These are our top priorities, but nothing limits you from choosing a few commitments, expanding them, or choosing something new. Of course, in all cases, you get the benefit of our advanced corporate economy, and you won't need anything to worry.

We will be extremely glad to any new face, so if you are interested - write to this thread or to my discord account at WandererPony#6745

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  Transport / Spacefighter not receiving throttle input
Posted by: Rashi - 10-07-2022, 11:38 PM - Forum: Bug Reports - Replies (2)

Got a weird one, the Space Transport, Spacefighter F1 , Spacefighter F2 will not take throttle controls.
It will however react to thrusters, pitch & yaw , turns etc.

All other vehicles work fine.

Tried remapping, having another user drive it first, .... really the whole checklist , up and down.

Thought that might be interesting.

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Lightbulb Warfare system - balancing ideas
Posted by: Akynos - 09-30-2022, 12:56 PM - Forum: Arena of Ideas - Replies (9)

I recently went through a couple threads talking about inbalances in the warfare system. The main point as I recall it is that big empires have too great an advantage, and can easily wipe out a much smaller empire with little effort and within hours (noobstomping), often before the defending empire's players could react.

This can also happen to more established empires, who can log in regularly and still find that most of their empire has been taken before they were even aware of an assault.

This is hurting the playerbase and the overall fun of the game as many newbies or new empire builders find their efforts destroyed without any sense of control. Many of these players then leave the game, leaving both sides worse off than before (attacker gets no challenge, defender quits).

Current suggestions to fix this have been (and I apologize as I will miss some, but I wanted to list the big ideas I recall):

1- Make war declarations formal with a long timer, giving defenders enough time to prepare (scaled for empire size difference)

2- Increase base defensive structure strength

3- Limit maximum ship size

4- Full protection for a defined time before attacks can take place (similar to point 1)

There has been pushback against all of these suggestions, for, as far as I can tell, the following reasons:

points 1 and 4: Unrealistic (insofar that it feels like a forced mechanic that takes away the immersion and free-feeling that SoH is loved for) and merely delays the inevitable. Offers possibility of strategic retreat and building new colonies though.

Point 2: Brings too much imbalance in favor of defenders in relatively equal empires, resulting in boring stalemates and no reason to attack worlds anymore

Point 3: Another unrealistic limit (big ships is big part of the fun of the game).

My suggestions below will aim to help fix the problems above, and make the warfare system enjoyable for all parties whatever their size while keeping it (relatively) simple and easy to add/code.

I will display my suggestions one by one, explaining them as if they were already actual features, like patch notes (I find this way easier to understand, maybe it's also the case for you :) )

Let me know your thoughts! Thank you.

Suggestion : warfare city status

Defending cities can have one of three status: Besieged, Captured and Assimilated.

An enemy spaceship being within planetary orbit of the world immediately puts all cities on this world is a state of siege, meaning they cannot receive resources from other worlds or cities.

Besieged cities retain all possibility of construction. However, construction is slowed to X% of original speed. Speed decrease is dependent on city loyalty level - the higher the loyalty, the smaller the penalty.

Captured: Once the attackers troops have defeated all defender troops and disabled all of the city's military buildings, the city enters a state of capture. The city will slowly be assimilated. Assimilation time depends on loyalty level (and number of militia citizens, if implemented). Attacking troops will remain in the city and deal with militia until assimilation or total destruction of militia troops. Running out of attacking troops will return the city into the "Assaulted" state. Construction by attacker possible, but slowed strongly down to X% original speed (sugg. 5-10%)

What problem does it fix?

The besieged mechanic is actually in favor of the attackers - this is to prevent sudden buildups of defenses which would be unfair to the attackers. It also simulates the difficulties of building when under attack.

However, the dependence on loyalty makes the penalty smaller for smaller empires, which are able to maintain higher levels of loyalty, making last-minute defenses easier. See next points.

Suggestion : Bring back city loyalty

When captured, a city's loyalty will slowly decrease until it reaches zero. The city will then go from captured state to assimilated empire city.

What problem does it fix? - Read on.

Suggestion: Increase loyalty difficulty with empire size

Citizens of large empires find it harder to relate to the whole empire, making it harder to accumulate loyalty. Worlds develop a loyalty cap based on their distance from the empire capital. Conversely, the smaller the empire, the fiercer the loyalty to it.

Avatars visiting a system temporarily boosts loyalty.

What problem does it fix?

This makes smaller empires harder and longer to assimilate, giving them a small time advantage when fighting bigger empires. It also makes defense of large empires more difficult, putting more pressure on one-man empires and rewards multi-player empires.

Suggestion: Increase spacecraft, building and defense system durability

All ships, shields and buildings are a lot more durable, making their destruction take longer.

What problem does it fix?

Space battles and world assaults will last longer, giving more time for all parties - particularly defenders - to prepare and rally.

Suggestion: New troop system

Troops are calculated numerically just like citizens and cryo passengers. A city's troop count is based on the number of barracks and is limited by the city's current population. Troop % of total population cannot exceed x%.

A ship may load a certain number of troops, depending on the number of berths.

Troop strength is calculated to generate the total power of the sum of troops at any one place, for instance in a city or at a battle.

Troop strength is based on type of weapon, armor and quality of both, per troop. Stronger materials and better quality enhance troop strength.

Troops take a certain fixed time to be trained.

Troops also consume food like citizens do, even onboard a ship. Running out of food will put troops into a state of starvation, making their strength strongly reduced, with some dying over time like citizens do.

(BONUS: As troops get more experience fighting battles, they gain a slight strength bonus)

What problem does it fix?

Cities will naturally have a larger capacity of troops over ships. This gives defending cities an advantage. Since most newbies will have the possibility of creating stronger cities before creating stronger ships, this can help with the balance when facing tough empires.

The food system adds complexity to attacking empires as they have to manage their food levels as well, while defenders always benefit from the home-farms advantage. Currently though, food is easy to get and would only be another ticked box for attackers to stock up millions of units of food onto a ship, which brings me to the next suggestion:

Suggestion: Increase citizen and troop food consumption dramatically

Citizens and troops consume much more food, making the management of farms and food stocks much more important.

Currently, food is hardly ever an issue anywhere for any empire. However, it was a management nightmare for any large historical empire. It should also be so in SoH, particularly to prevent spontaneous attacks that cost nothing but a bit of hydrogen.

Suggestion: New automatically calculated ground battles

Once a city's military defenses are disabled (guns and shields), attacking ships will be given the chance to unload their troops into the city through a simple panel. From then on, ground battles will take place automatically over time.

The attackers' troop count and strength will be pitted against the defender's troop count and strength. Battles will take place over time, with each side taking casualties based on their strength. The larger the troop count, the longer the battles. Attackers and defenders may add more troops at any time, though defending ships incoming towards the world with troops must first break through the city's siege (defeat besieging ships) before they can unload their troops. Defeating an assaulting ship does not defeat the ground troops once deployed.

The status of the battle can easily be viewed within a report - perhaps by mail or some other tab. Reports would come in every few minutes, much like a normal city report. It would detail the forces on each side, the losses and perhaps the supplies if implemented.

Small battles would typically take a couple hours, while taking over a well-defended, established world taking days or even weeks.

(BONUS: To make it more tactical and complex, we could add the mechanic that certain resources are being depleted as the battle goes on - food, ammunition and fuel. Running out of any of these give a fighting penalty to that side. This makes pre-ground warfare, such as colony attacks or long sieges more worth it and brings more fun in terms of tactical play. More text-only elements can also be added to add complexity and diversity to combat, such as SUVs, tanks, dynamite and other weapons that are currently serving no purpose. We'd have to adjust their production cost and time ofc, with perhaps a maintenance fee to ensure that they don't get stacked to infinity. Since this is purely text-based, implementation should be easier than a full-on graphic mechanic).

Attacking parties require an online avatar of the same empire to be within planetary range of the besieged city in order to conduct ground assault. Ground defense does not require an online avatar.

If the defending side's troop strength reaches zero, the city if officially captured. Loyalty will slowly decrease until the city is either returned to assault state or fully assimilated. An online avatar is not required for loyalty decrease, only ground troops to remain present.

(BONUS: Running out of food or ammo during assimilation reduces the assimilation time.)

(BONUS: If weapons and ammo remains, the city enters a state of militia, where a portion of citizens fetch the remaining weapons and carry on fighting. The city will officially be captured, but loyalty decrease will be slowed until militia is fully depleted. Number of ground troops impact militia decrease speed.)

What problem does it fix?

It makes city conquest simpler, more strategic and also last much longer, giving defenders more time to rally and defend. It also makes loyalty a worthwhile feature.

Having to have an online avatar to conduct assaults forces more commitment onto the attacking empire, making spontaneous attacks less appealing.

The constant pressure of having food and ammunition would force attacking players to be in full-management during war time, making each decision to attack weaker empires require much more time and planning. The objective here is that larger empires that simply toss ships with lots of troops at a smaller empire without prior planning may find themselves either winning at a high cost or downright losing if they are completely careless.

With war requiring full attention, it also makes home defense more difficult, giving larger empires an incentive to commit properly to each war they want to carry on.

There would be no formal declaration, no waiting time - simply some semi-realistic mechanics that make attacking an empire a much bigger hassle, making it a lot less worthwhile if the aim is simply to "have fun noobstomping".

Suggestion: Battle bonus for "last world standing"

Cities defending on ground on the only remaining world of an empire will get the "last world standing" bonus while in battle, where troops and citizens, having nowhere else to go, fight to the death for their remaining land.

Cities with "last world standing" have all their citizens go automatically into militia, weapons or not. All population must be defeated for assimilation.

Re-capture of cities with "last world standing" by the defenders automatically brings a large population boost as fleeing citizens return to the city.

What problem does it fix?

This mechanic helps newbies who have their homeworld attacked without having had the chance to build other cities. It slows down assimilation and gives a starting boost upon recapture.

Other bonus ideas that fit with this theme:

- Disable spaceship destruction + towing + dismantling.

Spaceships are no longer directly destroyed when they reach critical HP - rather they become inoperable. All shields are down, all doors open, boarding can take place. Attacking the ship again will destroy it. If another spaceship initiates the "tow" order, the inoperable ship will follow the ship. Inoperable ships can be repaired, refitted or their modules dismantled.

This would give an incentive for smaller empires to attack larger empires' ships so as to capture them. They can be repaired and used or dismantled and their pieces used for research.

This would also give an incentive for smaller empires to ally themselves in order to assault a bigger empire's prize ships and make them their own, or dismantling them to get a huge boost in technology advancement. This would create more fun and excitement for small empires and keep larger empires on edge as their own tech could be used against them.

- Battle signature on star map.

Much like the warp signature, the firing of high-strength explosives would reverberate through deep space, allowing other systems (and empires) nearby to be aware that a battle is going on.

Reason: It would give an incentive to more players to join the fight, particularly underdogs or rivals. Also, if it's a large empire going on a rampage, other empires could know of these assaults and prepare themselves as well.

I would have some more suggestions that are linked to an overhaul of the value of resources, so as to make warfare actually worthwhile besides just the fun of it, such as a much higher scarcity of resources (particularly quality resources), much stronger population limits, more unique resources in the galaxy (like say, particles that boost your warp speed, like nitro) which would make empires fight over control of precious resources and control points.

The objective of the above and this would be not to forcefully get larger empires not to attack smaller ones, but to make such wars just "not worth it", and make each conflict meaningful, strategic, elongated and balanced, so as to maximize the fun for everyone, attacker, defender and noobs alike :)

Let me know your thoughts! Particularly Haxus, as after all, he would be the one implementing any changes (i've tried to summarize the ideas in a way that would make it easier to imagine how they can be applied practically).


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Rainbow Lookie what I found
Posted by: SpaceGeek - 08-23-2022, 04:27 PM - Forum: Cantina - No Replies


Also this.

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  Stellar Evolution Starting Scenario
Posted by: SpaceGeek - 08-22-2022, 09:06 AM - Forum: Arena of Ideas - No Replies

Thinking about it more following this thread I came up with another catastrophe idea for new players. I imagine that it would be likely to have a random starting scenario chosen from amongst several. While not mentioned, any and all of these catastrophes would have in-game alerts which keep the player updated as to the progress of the event, perhaps via mail? The concepts below hinge on the ability of planets and stars in Hazeron to be able to change based upon in-game triggers or otherwise according to a script. It would also (possibly?) require atmospheric density to change based upon triggers. None of this may be possible with current game code.

Stellar Evolution A - Maturing Star
The primary star in your solar system is about to cross the threshold into maturity causing it to expand in size and change spectral type becoming larger and while cooler overall, its diameter reaches farther into the solar system and is heating planets closer than the habitable zone as well as causing their atmospheres to become corrosive. Inferno worlds remain the same, inner becomes inferno, habitable becomes inner with corrosive atmosphere. Outer and frigid worlds remain the same. Large (titan/habitable) moons acquire corrosive atmosphere. Gas giant planets are unchanged. The progression of this catastrophe would be gradual enough to allow players to see the event coming and the completion of the event, while quite difficult, would not be insurmountable even for an inexperienced player. The evolution of planet types should move outward from the star, allowing players to witness the catastrophe's progress.

Stellar Evolution B - Flare Star
The primary star in your solar system is unbeknownst to you and your empire, a long-period variable also called a flare star. A new period of stellar instability is beginning and will gradually heat all planets in the solar system causing their habitability type to move toward heat as well as causing their atmospheres to move toward corrosive. Inferno worlds remain the same, inner becomes inferno, habitable becomes inner, outer becomes habitable, frigid becomes outer. The atmospheres of all planets evolve to be corrosive. Previously corrosive atmospheres evolve to become insidious, thus destroying vegetation and animal life and simulating the inability of life to adapt to such a rapid environmental change. Large (titan/habitable) moons evolve to become airless. Gas giant planets are unchanged. The progression of this catastrophe could be as rapid as the asteroid while still giving a player sufficient time on the surface of their failing planet if they are sufficiently prepared due to it not being outright annihilated. The evolution of planet types should move outward from the star, allowing players to witness the catastrophe's progress.

Stellar Evolution C - Cataclysmic Variable Star
Your solar system is at least a binary with the smaller secondary star accreting mass from the larger of the two. Over long periods of time this fresh hydrogen builds up and eventually causes instability leading to a stellar eruption smaller than a nova but larger than a flare. This outburst will turn all planets in the system into their hotter and more inhospitable counterparts while completely destroying inferno and inner worlds - habitable become inferno, outer become inner, frigid become inner. The atmospheres of all remaining planets evolve to be insidious, thus destroying vegetation and animal life and simulating the inability of life to adapt to such a rapid environmental change. Large (titan/habitable) moons evolve to become airless. Gas giant planets are unchanged unless they are closer to the star than habitable in which case they are destroyed. The progression of this catastrophe could be as rapid as the asteroid but is so unforgiving that they could merely watch as their planet fails, becoming utterly uninhabitable without fairly mature spaceship technology. The evolution of planet types should move outward from the star, allowing players to witness the catastrophe's progress. Visual effects used for black holes (potentially reduced in strength) could be repurposed to simulate the cataclysmic flare.

Stellar Evolution D - Nova
Your solar system is at least a binary with the smaller secondary star accreting mass from the larger of the two. The mass is building and will eventually cause a classical nova, a more rapid and destructive form of flare and not considered to be the "space explosion" of typical larger supernovas. The star does not detonate but the force of the nova will reshape the solar system. All planets closer to the star than outer are completely destroyed, moving outward from the star, while frigid planets become inferno worlds. Gas giant planets are destroyed. If the solar system started with no frigid planets, the solar system will have no planets left. Visual effects used for black holes could be used to simulate the nova.

Stellar Evolution E - Supernova
More immediately destructive than the Nova catastrophe, this one begins the same as the nova but the result is that everything in the solar system is destroyed including companion stars. The primary star is replaced with a white dwarf and nothing else remains from the destructive progress of nova, with each planet being destroyed moving outward from the star. Visual effects used for black holes could be used to simulate the supernova. The primary star left behind by the supernova could potentially be a new classification of star: remnant. It could retain the special effects used when orbiting a black hole to reflect its supernova-remnant origin. If possible this event could trigger propagation across the sector commensurate with the speed of light in Hazeron, affecting nearby solar systems within a set radius: planets in these nearby solar systems would have their atmospheres become corrosive. Obviously it would be unreasonable for a supernova to bring detriment to the entire sector so this radius of effect would only be a true hazard in extremely dense sectors of a galaxy.

Stellar Evolution F - Black Hole
This concept could be problematic but would otherwise be very easy to implement as it would only require one trigger: when time runs out all planets are destroyed and the primary star replaced with a black hole. The effects and destructive progress of the primary star becoming a black hole could be similar to that used for the Supernova catastrophe, with each planet being destroyed moving outward from the star.

If any of the above concepts are possible, I imagine many more could be developed such as a rogue planet catastrophe (like the asteroid but its a whole planet or moon or even black hole).

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  Volcanic Catastrophe Starting Scenario
Posted by: SpaceGeek - 08-21-2022, 03:43 PM - Forum: Arena of Ideas - Replies (1)

After reading this thread, I got an idea for a new starting scenario to address two issues: filtering players and bugs affecting the asteroid.

A number of bugs are causing the asteroid catastrophe to be unavoidable. Between the "yeet bug" and the rest, a lot of players are losing their home world before they can mount an extra-solar expedition and establish a new HQ. It seems everyone agrees that some kind of filter needs to be present to gate gameplay and force players to learn the skills necessary to master space flight and competent city building, else lose their home planet and be forced to retry in another sector.

The largest volcano on your home world is going to erupt (same timescale mechanics as asteroid). On the first day of the eruption the atmosphere is still standard. After a set period of time (not sure if Hazeron can trigger events based on # of orbits, would be ideal) the atmosphere becomes tainted, then exotic and finally corrosive whereupon the planet becomes totally uninhabitable with a reasonable amount of time in between stages. Whether or not the atmosphere goes full insidious would be up to Haxus.

In the end the planet is unusable just as with the asteroid except that it would not rely on asteroid mechanics or any of the bugs that are encountered with that type of disaster. Seeing a planet gradually become a blasted wasteland could also be a fun way to die and opens the door to allow more time between commencement of the disaster and the planet's destruction, possibly giving a visceral motivation for a player to go that extra mile to escape before the surface of their planet corrodes away entirely. I would think that this catastrophe would also take longer from beginning to end than the asteroid to give totally new players time to react, ask for help, etc. I also like the idea of other empires coming to bail players out of environmental catastrophes.

Edit: Pollution / global warming mechanic???
Edit x2: Check out these other ideas.

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  Government Debt.
Posted by: Laywn - 08-19-2022, 06:58 PM - Forum: Cantina - Replies (1)

If I as an Empire where to manufacture mass amounts of Bullion would that in turn increase the Government Debt I as an avatar can collect from the bank as income?

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  Mouse infinite spin on Wayland (Linux)
Posted by: Chojin - 08-17-2022, 08:55 PM - Forum: Bug Reports - Replies (5)

on Wayland (Xorg successor) the game runs well.
Unfortunately when the game grab the mouse, it is like infinite spin, so impossible to move.

Log is saying:
qt.qpa.wayland: Setting cursor position is not possible on wayland
qt.qpa.wayland: Wayland does not support QWindow::requestActivate()
This plugin supports grabbing the mouse only for popup windows

Using Arch Linux with
qt5-base 5.15.5+kde+r174-1
qt5-declarative 5.15.5+kde+r19-1
qt5-svg 5.15.5+kde+r11-1
qt5-translations 5.15.5+kde+r2-1
qt5-wayland 5.15.5+kde+r38-3
qt5-x11extras 5.15.5+kde+r0-1
qt6-base 6.3.1-1
qt6-svg 6.3.1-1
qt6-translations 6.3.1-1

Workaround: unset environment variable related to Wayland so the game will launch with "standard" qt lib.
env -u WAYLAND_DISPLAY -u QT_QPA_PLATFORM /HazeronLauncher

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  A way to open ancient designs?
Posted by: Wander - 08-14-2022, 03:55 AM - Forum: Cantina - Replies (2)

Hullo, a ghost from the past here. Discovered this game back in 2013 i think, and now again.
Am wondering, is there any way to review ship designs from old tile based system? Had one nice thing back then and want to recreate it anew, but barely remember what it was, and have no good screenshots left. Just the ship file.
Maybe someone saved old client files?

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