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  Forum Profile Pictures Upload doesn't work
Posted by: Tipepr - Today, 03:49 AM - Forum: Bug Reports - No Replies

This isn't hazeron related and I accept that, but also the profile picture upload configuration doesn't seem to work. I tried uploading TIFFs, JPEG, and PNGs all less than 200x200 pixels and 500kb. Nothing seems to work.

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  More Flavors of Panels & Decals
Posted by: Tipepr - Yesterday, 05:26 PM - Forum: Arena of Ideas - Replies (1)


I just finished making my ship and realized I was throwing planet maps on pretty much every wall I wanted - to the point in which I realized I'd love to see more panels.

Here are a few suggestions I can think of for more panels:


  • System Map Panel (not sure how'd you figure out how to zoom it/have it follow the ship)
  • List of planet resources above current world that exceed a certain Q value (probably the default like 200 but maybe its variable?)
  • List of all planet resources in the current zone you're in/above
  • Planet Statistics (Position [Inferno to Frigid], Size, atmosphere composition, pretty much all the basics that appear on the system survey)
  • Coordinates (because who doesn't love seeing those numbers go up, down, and such as your fly through the system)
  • Hold Contents
  • Individual Ship System Health
  • Crew/Officer/Captain Rooster
  • Spaceship Account Info ($$$)
  • Empire Announcements
  • Harsh Environment Warning Indicators (if you're in a corrisive or incidious atmosphere, it's red, if you're landed on a planet and not at an airport so the ship will be damaged over tiime, yellow)
Considering the size of these panels, if you like this idea and plan to implement it - it might be worth it to create a way for the panels that have a lot of vertical content to show to scroll down slowly. If you did this, you'd also be able to have a bit more freedom in some panel's aspect ratio (mostly the ones that just include long lists of text)

Also if anyone else has ideas for panels OR decals, I ask you to throw them into the replies of this post - just so there is a consolidated thread for panel suggestions.

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  How to solve the "sticking to the roof" issue?
Posted by: Tipepr - 06-22-2022, 01:47 AM - Forum: Design Studio - Replies (6)


Is there a way I can make a ship design in a manner that doesn't result in me sticking to the roof and suffocating in the ship I'm making? It seems to be a persistent problem with only some of the ships I use and the one I'm making is also having this problem.

I'm guessing theres some way to make the room voids better so this doesn't happen, but I haven't figured it out yet.

Any veteran ship designers know how to fix this issue?


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Thumbs Down I hate the asteroid.
Posted by: Tipepr - 06-15-2022, 12:19 AM - Forum: Cantina - Replies (4)

So just a half-hour ago the asteroid destroyed me and my friend's home world.

I'm so incredibly angry because in my mind we did everything right to try to prevent it:

We built a city from the dirt and huts of our home world.

We created industry, electricity, technology, and ultimately spacecraft.

We took to the stars and pulled resources from every planet we could within our system.

We fashioned an empire and a wonderful supply chain to create a marvelous space station, armed to the teeth.

Then we built them. We built space station and spacecraft with weapons to destroy the looming threat.

Finally we staffed them with crew, who were ordered to attack at any asteroids.

We had followed all the guides and we were ready.

Unfortunately, the asteroid didn't appear until 8hrs before hand, while me and my friend was at work. But alas, I took the back half of today off to prepare for this!
But once our city's detected it, we couldn't locate it. But alas, we had constructed and manned as many weapons platforms as we could!

And when it finally appeared on our monitors, the whole system became a latency-ridden hellhole. We couldn't open a door to board our ship, let alone command our fleet.

Our space station's officer refused to perform the only job he had ever been given. The commander on our weapons platform simply watched. And we tried to do everything within our power to get aboard a spacecraft.

But my friend was stuck next to the inactive space station, unable to command the fleet from above. And I was unable to board a ship from the ground. I was forced to stay on our home world as the asteroid destroyed our prized gem.

It taunted us, with the system so incredibly laggy it sat and crashed into the planet for 10 minutes.

And now it's all gone. 

Why even try to play this game when it fights you every step of the way? This was so incredibly dissatisfying.

Let us see and destroy the asteroid earlier. Have the crewed space station actually work and attack it.

And can you please not have the space system be laggy as hell at the most critical even of this game? Me and my friend just wanted to have fun and conquer the challenge, but really it just underlined how fucking infuriating this game is at times.

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  2022-05-25 Play Rating
Posted by: Haxus - 05-25-2022, 03:20 PM - Forum: Updates - Replies (1)

Play Rating
Play rating setting was added. It is located on the Scene page of the Settings window.

Four play rating options are available.

  • Everyone - No mating. No nudity.
  • Teen - No mating. Nudity ok.
  • Mature - Mating ok. Nudity only while mating.
  • Adult - Mating ok. Nudity ok.
Servers Down
Something went haywire on the server grid. The SQL server stopped talking to the servers. An unknowable amount of data was lost. This may feel like a rollback happened.

Oddly this happened on the debug servers as well, which are not at the same location as the public servers.

It may have been related to some severe storm activity in the area. I don't know.

I took the opportunity to rebuild the servers with the latest changes. They are all updated, including the login and mail servers.

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  Hazeron commander api
Posted by: TheCrazyInsanity - 05-25-2022, 12:06 AM - Forum: Arena of Ideas - Replies (2)

uh idk how this would be implemented but would be pretty cool

im thinking this could potentially be balanced by requiring a expensive supercomputer structure to be built, or something similar

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  Ship Doors Stop Responding After a While
Posted by: Deadeye - 05-21-2022, 09:00 PM - Forum: Bug Reports - No Replies

As subject already states, doors (and possibly other interactable things) stop responding to the player. So far only seems to happen after you've been online for a while. Can be immediately fixed by restarting the game though.

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  2022-05-18 Server Crash, Elapsed Timers, Underwear
Posted by: Haxus - 05-18-2022, 03:47 PM - Forum: Updates - Replies (5)

Server Crashed Adding Effect
A server crashed while adding a special effect to an object.

The object that caused the crash was in an unusual state. This resulted in a null pointer that crashed when it was referenced.

Fixed that code.

Elapsed Timers
Time objects are used extensively throughout the code. In most cases, these time objects are used to measure elapsed time; the precise UTC time is rarely important.

Qt added an elapsed timer object to their library, for use in such cases. The elapsed timer object is much faster than the time object. It cannot be converted to an actual time and it cannot be stored or shared between computers, which works fine for most of my use cases.

The first major wave of changes happened in a previous update, converting time objects into elapsed timer objects. The resulting drop in server load was shocking. Server loads dropped by at least 50%.

The update today contains the second wave of the conversion of time objects to elapsed timers. This wave is not likely to have the dramatic results of the first wave but every little bit helps. No CPU instruction is free. This is the final wave of the timer changes. If any remaining candidates for conversion remain, they will be scattered here and there, not a big juicy target like the first two waves.

In the solo game all naked people wear minimal "underwear". Deantwo suggested this be an option in the multi player game.

Rather than add an option, I made all naked sentient beings wear underwear unless they are copulating.

Incidentally, the underwear color is based on avatar id. I updated the avatar display widget at login to know your id, so underwear is generated in the appropriate color for the avatar.

Server Crashed Creating Ship
Yesterday was a day of server crashing insanity. It was one of those crashes that moves on to the next server after it crashes the server that executes it.

The problem was due to a story script creating a ship. The blueprint for the ship was not ready in the cache and the code was not prepared for that circumstance. This was not a problem before the universe reset because the ship referenced by the script was also a pirate ship design.

Blueprints are loaded when needed and they are unloaded when no longer in use. An exception is made for designs that must be available all the time, such as pirate ships and buildings. Those designs are loaded when the server starts and they are never unloaded even if nobody is using them.

I expanded the exception mechanism to query the story engine for ship and building designs that are referenced by story scripts. Now those designs are always available when needed.

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  New Type of Trade Hub for Colonies
Posted by: Greydog - 05-16-2022, 12:06 AM - Forum: Arena of Ideas - Replies (10)

I’m really liking the advent of colonies. It really simplifies the ability to collect all the best a system has to offer. I do have one suggestion though.

Right now the trade hubs that allow colonies to work are roads, Airports and wharf’s. What is missing is a single building trade hub that is not an airport for use in intra-planetary trade in harsh environments. Roads are fine but sometimes running one all around a zone or two to collect those sparse high Q resources can be a pain. I don’t always want more than one airport on a planet and wharf’s only work on planets with water.

I’d like to suggest the addition of another type of building for use as a trade hub, lets call it a “Transport Station”

It’s that last point “wharfs only work on planets with water” that is the real issue. The Transport Station would have the same effect as the wharf, minus the fish, but would connect with either airports or other stations. While the idea is to give another “wharf like” option in harsh environs, it could also be used on habitable as well.

Personnel would consist of a minimum of one Office Worker and Two professional. Nothing would be produced, the professional jobs are simulating warehouse handlers, Office is a dispatcher. Professional jobs would also give the building other purpose.

We could make having transport production somewhere in the system or on planet a requirement like an SUV is, except it would be a key requirement.

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  Building Publishing Fails Wrongly
Posted by: QuakeIV - 05-10-2022, 07:05 AM - Forum: Bug Reports - Replies (4)

I went and tried to create a bunch of different kinds of power plants with the same name. IE coal, hydrogen, natural gas, et cetera.

Publishing them failed.  It appears the game thought they were the same design due purely to having the same name, however it claimed that they both had 'the same name and same state'.  They did not have the same state as they used different fuel types.

I then went back and renamed the effected designs.  I find this to be pretty annoying however so I have come here to whinge into the void and go unheard indefinitely as all other posts I have made in the bug forum are destined to do.

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