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  2020-07-06 Login Server
Posted by: Haxus - Yesterday, 02:55 PM - Forum: Updates - Replies (1)

Login Server
One of the login servers stopped responding, which prevented a lot of people from logging in to the game. It appears that the ethernet port for the back side network is malfunctioning on that server.

Removed the broken server from the grid. Configured a different server to replace the broken login server. Updated all servers with the latest builds and restarted them.

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  Particle Bay missions do not harvest particles from asteroids
Posted by: Mal - 07-03-2020, 07:53 PM - Forum: Bug Reports - Replies (2)

As title says, a harvest operation by bay/module/particles/whatever will not work if the target is an asteroid. Nothing happens, and I tried all three types of missions. Some asteroids have antiflux particles so this is an issue.

I can do it manually via the firing console, but that takes forever.

[Image: Dr48unL.png]

Note the absence of 'asteroid' in 'Sun, Ring, or Gas Giant'. The asteroids do not even show up as potential targets. I am guessing that's why the crew missions aren't working.

Additionally, there is presently no way to mine particle resources such as antiflux using buildings as the resource nodes do not appear.

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  2020-07-01 Launcher Fail
Posted by: Haxus - 07-01-2020, 06:57 PM - Forum: Updates - Replies (6)

Launcher Fail
Launcher update for Windows does not work. Reports communications error.

Launcher updated, for both Windows 64 bit and 32 bit builds. It does not fail on Linux but I will build and post those platform builds as well, just to be sure everybody is on the same page.

I also added the build date to the version, per DeanTwo's suggestion.

FWIW, the launcher does have a mechanism for checking for updates to itself. It will report when a new version is available and if getting that update is required or not.

The changes from HTTP to HTTPS prevented any communications with the server at all, which meant the program could not determine the latest version of itself. The program could not know that an update would solve the problem.

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  2020-06-30 HTTPS Hazeron.com
Posted by: Haxus - 06-30-2020, 08:59 PM - Forum: Updates - Replies (8)

HTTPS Hazeron.com
This has been a nagging topic for years. I never gave it much priority because we don't handle or store any sensitive information. However, the web has moved to the point that a regular HTTP site might as well have COVID-19.

All Hazeron.com web pages are now secured through Network Solutions LLC.

Confirmation pages when creating a new account and when changing your password now show the password.

Client should be updated but it isn't needed, due to URLs that need to be https: instead of http:. Buttons to open the web site or the wiki might not work.

The current Launcher no longer works, due to URLs that need to be https: instead of http:. You can still run the 'Shores of Hazeron.EXE' file directly. It doesn't expect anything on the command line.

New clients and launchers are building now. They will be posted as they finish.

A HUGE THANK YOU to AnrDaemon for expert help setting this up. It was a real struggle. Internet went down early last evening, leaving things dead in the water all night. Html POST transactions to send form fields to the server stopped working, which took considerable head bashing to figure out, most of today. Without AnrDaemon's assistance, this would not be working.

Windows 64 bit client and launcher updates posted.
Ubuntu 20 64 bit client and launcher updates posted.
Windows 32 bit client and launcher updates posted.
Ubuntu 18 64 bit client and launcher updates posted.
Debian 10 64 bit client and launcher updates posted.
Mint 19 64 bit client and launcher updates posted.

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  Exploring Resource Tiers
Posted by: Deantwo - 06-29-2020, 04:45 PM - Forum: Arena of Ideas - Replies (2)

In preparation to discussing technology systems and progression, lets take a look at the current resources in the game and try to put them into tiers. Not necessarily to propose changes, but feedback and ideas are always nice.

In a lot of games we have three basic tiers: early-game, mid-game and late-game. This is mainly interesting to us so we can see where the game might be lacking in things to search for.

Starter - Tier 0
First of all the start of the game has a number resources found on your homeworld as part of early-game, but they are either useless or better alternatives exist in tier 1.

  • Logs
  • Stone
  • Natural Gas (borderline Tier 1)

Early-game - Tier 1
In the early-game we have the basic resources found on your homeworld and on your local moon. When you have all these resources you are able to manufacture all normal commodities.
  • Ore
  • Oil
  • Minerals
  • Crystals
  • Gems
  • Coal
  • Radioactives
  • Ice
  • Water
  • Air
  • Hydrogen
  • Eludium
  • Lumenite

All plant and animal resources can go in here too, but you likely don't need all of them and a few of them are definitely tier 0 (such as Plant Fiber).

Mid-game - Tier 2
In the mid-game we have the basic resources from the other orbit zones. With tier 2 resources you can make all the basic spacecraft modules and weapons. Any separation between mid-game and late-game is currently kinda artificial, you are required to get most of the tier 2 resources, but not necessarily before you get tier 3 or higher.
  • Cryozine
  • Ioplasma
  • Phlogiston
  • Magmex

Late-game - Tier 3
In the late-game you have start having to search more for what you need. With tier 3 resources you can make almost all spacecraft modules, including warp-drives.
  • Vulcanite
  • Bolite
  • Myrathane
  • Antiflux Particles

Beyond - Tier 4
Beyond late-game you have to start using harvester ships and colonize harder worlds like gas giants. Tier 4 resources don't all have implemented uses, or at least barely makes a difference in spacecraft construction aside from the adamantine hull. The most interesting here is preons, since they allow use of star gates.
  • Preons
  • Borexino Precipitate
  • Polytaride
  • Flomentum
  • Adamantite
  • Viathol

Tier 0 can be skipped almost completely if you rush for metal production. I am not sure if this is a bad thing though. I considered adding radioactives to tier 0, but it technically has some minimal uses currently.

Tier 2 is required for most spacecraft modules, but it isn't actually required to get tier 3 resources at all. This means that a player can skip some of the tier 2 resources if they don't want the spacecraft modules that require them.

I have voiced my desire to see tier 3 resources require tools made from tier 2 resources, and tier 4 requiring tier 3 tools. That way we would have a need to create some basic supply chains, and make sure that they are maintained.

There is also the question of if we need more tiers, or new resources in some of the tiers. For example I have always wanted some non-gas giant undersea resources, and maybe some plant based resources used in advanced tech.

In most other games, each tier of resources would come with they own version of each tool. For example the pickaxes in Minecraft that you first make out of wood, then stone, metal, and finally diamond. So would we want vulcium hammers and the like? I would prefer more generically named stuff like "magmium refinery tools" and "vulcium mining tools".

What are you guys thoughts on the matter? Ideas? Feedback?

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  2020-06-29 Rocket Training, Surgery
Posted by: Haxus - 06-29-2020, 03:43 PM - Forum: Updates - No Replies

Rocket Training
Rocket training starts. Where is Gagarin?

Several errors were found in the story engine.

  • Story engine failed to find a new rocket to start the story, unless the player was standing at the building with the rocket when the story engine checked for it.
  • Initial placement of Gagarin was calculated incorrectly. He kept being placed exactly in the middle of the rocket, with his feet sticking out of the rocket main booster.
  • Gagarin's story repeats until it is completed by the avatar. The story now asks at the beginning if you want the training.
  • Some of Gagarin's comments were updated to reflect changes to the game since the script was written.
  • Found/fixed a bug in the story engine when evaluating compound if conditions.

There is a bug that prevents saving someone with a surgery unit.

There were several errors that prevented this from working properly.
  • The body took a point of bleeding damage after being de-fibrillated, which caused it to die again.
  • The body took a point of bleeding damage after I picked it up, which caused its pose to change.
  • The doctor did not immediately attend to the patient when dropped in the surgery unit. The patient died while the doctor just stood there.
  • When attempting to enter the surgery unit while clothed, I got the fail message twice, which was annoying.

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  2020-06-25 Gunfire, Explosions, Self Destruct, Refit
Posted by: Haxus - 06-25-2020, 03:31 PM - Forum: Updates - No Replies

I hold the trigger on my AK. It fires once, PEW! Then I see the rounds counter ticking down, no more pew pew.

Fixed bug in gun fire effect.

Vehicles vanish with no explosion at all.

Fixed bug in visibility range calculation for explosion effects.

Self Destruct Bug
When I self destruct the ship I am aboard, the ship is destroyed but it remains in my scene. I can walk around but I cannot interact with the ship, like opening a door. I am stuck until I relog then the ship is gone and everything seems fine.

Fixed bug when the ship you are aboard is destroyed.

Self destruct was not a factor. The destruction could have been caused by any means. The result would have been the same.

Refit Bug
When refitting a ship, the repair shop sends a proposal. There is no accept option on the right click menu for the proposal.

Accept option added to right click menu for refit proposals.

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  Ship 120 Sectors Away From it's Stated Position
Posted by: Greydog - 06-24-2020, 11:30 PM - Forum: Bug Reports - Replies (14)

I logged in today to find one of my harvesters extremely lost in space and out of fuel. The location is at least 120 sectors away from where the distress beacon say's it is.


I'll leave it for a couple days before I blow it up in case you want to look.

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  2020-06-22 Hair, OpenGL Error
Posted by: Haxus - 06-23-2020, 02:16 PM - Forum: Updates - Replies (2)

Hair not visible inside helmet and on female with "Close" haircut in viewer.

Fixed a bug when rendering short hair on gen 4 creatures.

OpenGL Error
Running SoH now produces an OpenGL error.

Fixed incorrect constant used in glGet call.

Geological Features
Geological features often get created exactly on top of each other. For example, one moon had three volcanoes at the exact same latitude and longitude.

Improved creation of geological features to avoid placement exactly on top of other geological features.

Existing worlds are not affected.

Flower Pots
I dropped a flower pot on the floor of my ship. It sunk half way into the floor and turned black.

Fixed an error that caused items to be treated as intangible objects.

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Photo Cardia
Posted by: Falkenkopf - 06-17-2020, 04:42 PM - Forum: Cantina - No Replies

This is the beautiful world of Cardia.

I love these clouds at sunrise.


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