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Welcome to the Shores of Hazeron wiki.

This wiki provides everything you could ever need to know about Shores of Hazeron, the revolutionary space empire MMO by Software Engineering, Inc.
You will find help about various themes and mechanics in Shores of Hazeron.
We hope you enjoy your visit on this Wiki, which currently holds 517 articles.

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Wiki News
  • Wiki is still being updated to account for the Technology Update.
  • The History category has been updated with a lot of old history.
  • A new page for Community Links has been made, share your site or join an existing one!
  • An Indy Tools and Mods page has been created, add your own awesome tools and mods!
Game News
  • Buildings were overhauled, allowing usage of the new designer and changing how cities work.
  • It is now possible to dive into gas giants and even build colonies.
  • Technology system changed, removing TL and changing the research system.
  • Broker shipments allow commodities to be sent to other solar systems.
  • New spacecraft designs can be made and manufactured.
  • Underwater colonies are now possible.
  • City abandonment has been changed, and city neglect cause revolts.
  • The empire government system has been overhauled.
  • Procreation allows for demiavatars and interspecies mingling.
  • The star gates are fully operational now, all they require is a preon.
  • The arena can make simulated spacecraft battles, test your battle skills and designs.