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Pirate Empire
Vilmorti's empire flag
Home Galaxy
Difficulty 8

Vilmorti is an AI controlled pirate empire.


List of blueprints used by the Vilmorti empire.

Building Blueprints

  • ...

Spacecraft Blueprints

  • ...


The Vilmorti were once close trading partners with the Seledon. Litigious quibbling by the Seledon over mutual defense treaties directly resulted in the Syth massacre in galaxy Seven Ten. Every living Vilmorti in the galaxy was ruthlessly tortured before being barbecued and eaten by Syth Warriors. Meanwhile, the Seledon Prelate demanded proper requests for assistance with attached waivers of responsibility, justification for use of force, grants of immunity, etc., etc., etc. After the fact, the Seledon Prelate denied all responsibility, claiming that no "legitimate" request for assistance was ever received.