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Imbox content.png This section has details missing or obscure mechanics that need clarification.

Description: Calculations for spacecraft volume to sensor range is needed. Also need confirmation about city sensor range.

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Consumed Materials
Tools Required

Sensors are used to detect objects beyond visual range and assisting other systems with targeting. Such as detecting spacecraft on the other side of a solar system or targeting of weapon bays and other systems.

Sensor Size

Amount of volume dedicated to sensors increases the sensor range which a spacecraft can detect contacts.

Useful Numbers

  • 3-5 million meter range is generally enough to cover an entire single star system
  • 7-8 million meter range is generally enough to cover an entire binary star systems
  • 12-14 million meter range is generally enough to cover an entire trinary systems

System Survey

When crew is ordered to do a system survey, the time required to do so will depend on the number of celestial bodies in the solar system, the range category of the sensors, and the rank of the sensor station operator.

Sensor Range Categories
Category Range Required Remark
Short Range 12,954m Less than one lunar orbit
Orbital Range 12,954m More than one lunar orbit
Planetary Range 91,449m More than 1/2 planetary orbit
System Range 2,743,200m More than 15 planetary orbits

Avatar Manual Survey

An avatar can survey a solar system instantly, no matter the senor range, using the sensor console to display the detail of any celestial body in the solar system.