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Pirate Empire
Seledon's empire flag
Home Galaxy
Difficulty 1

Seledon is an AI controlled pirate empire.


List of blueprints used by the Seledon empire.

Building Blueprints

Spacecraft Blueprints

A Seledon pirate spacecraft.

Pirate Base

An Seledon pirate base.

The Seledon pirate bases are very weak. They have no surface-to-orbit defenses and no radar coverage. Their only defense is a number of military gun towers that will only fire on targets in the range of normal visual range.

Suggested tactic is to just bombard it from orbit.


Some of the greatest artisans and philosophers are of Seledon descent. Holding all life as precious, the Seledon long ago abandoned war as a solution to any problem, instead resorting to learned discussion and political manipulation. Their recent election to a fourth sequential term on the coveted inner council raised a fierce and acrimonious debate among dissenting factions, to no avail. Drawn into this war against their will by the Syth, the Seledon have found themselves with no choice but to react.