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Description: Vehicle stats need to be checked.

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  • 4
Weapon slots
  • None

The SUV is a vehicle that can carry up to four people. SUV are produced at a vehicle factory and stored in the vehicle bay of spacecraft. The SUV consumes gasoline as its fuel, and holds 60 minutes worth of it.

An SUV requires a minimum of 2x3 squares of space to fit in a vehicle bay of a spacecraft. Additional space is required if one wants to walk around the SUV inside the spacecraft, or exit the SUV once parked.

It also provides a build time reduction to various building constructions if present in a city.

Doesn't look like a SUV, name most likely just carried over from the old model.


  • 250 HP at QL87
  • Top Speed ~80, averages ~55 with slopes and turns
  • Floats in water, no control
  • Unable to climb a steep slope from a dead stop
  • Carries 4
  • Gasoline fueled

Produced by

Building Produces Consumed Required Optional
Vehicle Factory 1 SUV