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Nominal Cost
Pack Size
  • 16

Logs, some times called wood, are products of trees. Logs can be used as construction material, but it is the worst of all possible construction materials. The production of logs is commonly ignored, unless there is a need for paper.

It is however possible to forage logs, making it useful for handcrafting things like basic tools, crates and sailboats when on a new uninhabited planet.

Produced By

Building Produces Consumed Required Optional
Logging Camp 10 Log

Orchard 10 Logs

Production uses

Building Produces Consumed Required Optional
Carpenter 30 Hammers

  • 10 Logs

Lumber Mill 20 Lumber

  • 10 Log

Paper Mill 200 Paper

  • 10 Log

Carpenter 60 Sewing Needles

  • 10 Logs

Carpenter 20 Shovels

  • 10 Logs

Carpenter 50 Torches

  • 10 Logs
  • 10 Oil