Laser Pistol

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Laser Pistol
Nominal Cost
Pack Size
  • 1

A Laser Pistol is a more advanced version of the standard Pistol. Instead of shooting a projectile, the Laser Pistol fires either a laser beam or a laser pulse, depending on the firing mode. Both are semi-automatic. Just like the Laser Rifle, it has a much longer effective range, more damage per shot and a larger magazine than the standard Pistol. The Laser Rifle deals Burning damage and thus can easily set buildings on fire.

Laser Pistols uses Gigacells as ammo, and each Gigacell provides the Laser Pistol with 100 shots, either in beam laser mode or pulse laser mode.

To switch between beam laser and pulse laser, the user has to switch weapon, just like switching from firing a rifle or using the gun stock. Firing mode 1 is melee attack, mode 2 is beam laser and mode 3 is pulse laser. Each firing mode is displayed as a small number in the bottom right of the pistol icon on the user's interface.

Laser pistols, just like laser rifles are significantly more noticable than Pistols when used, due to its distinctive sound and the fact that the laser is clearly visible in both beam and pulse mode, thus giving away the shooter's position.

Produced by

Building Produces Consumed Required Optional
Weapon Smith 10 Laser Pistol