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Below is a list of known bugs. Tips on diagnosis and workarounds are provided where applicable.

Sometimes, things just don't work. For any bugs not listed here, quickly restarting the game can alleviate many common issues.

Full Screen Mode

Do not use full screen mode. It breaks the UI in numerous ways.

Building Won't Rotate

When placing a building plan, using the keyboard to rotate the plan sometimes fails to function as intended.

Work Around:

Clicking on the scene, to make it the active window, seems to fix this. You can double click the right mouse button or press the middle mouse button, while hovering over the main scene, to avoid placing the building.

Building Construction Placed But Invisible

Appears to be caused by client-server desync. Usually looks like your click didn't do anything, but ends up being blocked by development when you try to place another.

Workaround: Simply restarting the game client fixes this.

Construction Window Crash

When opening the Construction (F11) window for the first time in a session(?), it attempts to load all of the Blueprints. If you try to move your cursor over the window before it finishes loading, the game will freeze up and crash.

Work Around:

Wait a few seconds for the blueprints to load before interacting with the menu. This can vary and sometimes can even be caused by the servers being unresponsive.

Forum Discussion:

Deep Space Bug

Thought to be caused by an integer overflow when transitioning between gravity wells, ships will sometimes be "yeet"-ed to extremely far away coordinates without leaving the original system. This essentially soft-locks the ship and crew into deep space. New players can quickly verify if they are experiencing the Deep Space bug by opening the Locator (F7) window and switching to the GPS tab. If the Solar System Coordinates are in the thousands, this bug is likely the cause.

An example of coordinates, from the avatar selection screen.

Salvaging the Ship: First, you must kill your officer, if applicable, to avoid a potential bug that prevents you from getting a new officer. If you want to be able to respawn your ship at an Airport Repair Shop, you must have berth on the ship. After ensuring you have berth, order the crew to self destruct the ship (F9). If at full health, your avatar will likely survive the explosion from inside the ship; you can also dismount and safely watch at a distance. After the ship has self-destructed, press the recall button to go back to your Home. You can now respawn the ship at a Airport Repair Shop, and replace your deceased officer with a new one.

Turbolift Seal Failure Bug

Sometimes, a turbolift will stop being pressurized and cause vacuum damage when entered. The cause of this is unknown, but it appears to happen randomly during usage.

Workaround: Currently the exact fix is unknown, but it seems to fix itself during regular usage. Closing an EV Helmet's visor is a good way of avoiding the vacuum damage.

Forum Discussion: