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Pirate Empire
Kla'tra's empire flag
Home Galaxy
Difficulty 5

Kla'tra is an AI controlled pirate empire.


List of blueprints used by the Kla'tra empire.

Building Blueprints

  • ...

Spacecraft Blueprints

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Capt. Bazor Muturon first discovered Kla'tra hives in the galaxy now known as Muturon Encounter. Perhaps the galaxy should have been called Bazor's Demise. A Kla'tra swarm overran the good Captain's ship shortly after he touched down. The gruesome first-contact was captured in full by a vidcom channel that remained open until the ship was destroyed over a year later. The Kla'tra hive settled into his ship and slowly digested him over the next week. They replicated the ship with such mindless precision that Kla'tra fighters are notorious for traveling through space, vidcom channel open, broadcasting the seething mass in the ship's command bridge to the stars. Survivors of Kla'tra encounters have even reported the macabre sight of pictures of Bazor's family on the console in the vidcom broadcasts. Lore...