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Genesis Device
Nominal Cost
Pack Size
  • 32

The genesis device is... complicated.
See: Update 2015-06-16


To use the genesis device, DNA samples and seeds for each possible living being on a planet.


One DNA sample of a sentient specie.


Genesis Device's fauna tab.

There are 10 different biomes for animals:

  • Highland Forest
  • Highland Savanna
  • Highland Desert
  • lowland Forest
  • lowland Savanna
  • lowland Desert
  • Sea Level Forest
  • Sea Level Savanna
  • Sea Level Desert
  • Underwater

Each biomes require 7 animals in specific ecological roles:

Of each of the animals above, there are 3 types, one for each time of day:

  • Nocturnal
  • Crepuscular
  • Diurnal

This totals to (10 * 7 * 3) 210 animal DNA samples.


Genesis Device's flora tab.

There are 3 climates on a planet:

  • Polar
  • Temperate
  • Tropical

First each climate has a ground cover:

  • Ground Cover

Each climate has 11 shrub types:

Each climate also has 6 tree types:

This totals to (3 * (1 + 11 + 6)) 54 seeds.

Produced by

Building Produces Consumed Required Optional
Pharmaceutical Lab 10 Genesis Devices