Ecological Role

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Animals eat things. Animals fill ecological roles in the environments of planets based largely on their diets.

  • Carnivores eat animals.
  • Herbivores eat plants.
  • Omnivores eat animals and plants.
  • Scavengers eat the remains of animals and plants.

As a general rule, eat it before it eats you.

Food Edibility

The ecological role of a city's population define what types of food the city will need.

This is also the food types that are sold and bought by the cantinas and grocery stores in the city.

  • Carnivore = carcass, animal meat, cheese, eggs, fish, fish meat, milk
  • Herbiver = beans, bread, candy, flour, fruit, grain, grapes, hay, herbs, hops, milk, nuts, pastry, silage, spices, sugar, vegetable
  • Omnivore = animal carcass, animal meat, beans, bread, candy, cheese, eggs, fish, fish meat, flour, fruit, grain, grapes, herbs, milk, nuts, pastry, spices, sugar, vegetable
  • Scavenger Food = Carcass, meat, bone, cheese, eggs, fish, fish meat, leather, milk.