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The Hazeron universe does not have a lot of defined lore. But there are a few facts that are known and plenty of theories.

Creation theory is the attempt at explaining how the universe came to be and why it works the way it does.

This wiki page is mostly written from the point of view of NPCs.

Known Facts

  • Life is common in the universe
  • Sentient life is simple and would rather prefer to stand around all day than actually provide for itself
  • Avatars are a form of higher beings that can inspire sentient life to form empires
  • Avatars all have the same basic technology
  • Avatars come back from death by spawning somewhere else in the universe
  • All avatars have access to faster than light communication
  • Ringworlds were left behind by an ancient empire that spanned the universe

Common Theories

There have been a few attempts to explain the universe, here are a few.

Simulated Universe

The most popular and convenient creation theory is that the universe is actually just a giant computer simulation.

This theory has the added bonus of explaining why some laws of physics seem to contradict themselves or even be totally nonexistent in some areas, as this could simply be bugs in the simulation.

Some theorists of this theory have even suggested that avatars are actual "avatars" of beings that project themselves into the simulated universe in order to manipulate it for unknown reasons.

One of the things that make this theory appeal to many, is the fact that we already have our own version of a simple simulated universe in the form of the popular game Shores of Hazeron.

Transdimensional Clones

While not the most popular creation theory anymore, the theory that we are all actually clones from another dimension or universe explains a number of things.

This theory suggests that all sentient life is actually clones transported to this universe from from another dimensional or universe. This explained to some degree why everyone of the same race looks alike.

The theory than goes as far as to suggest that avatars are sent to this universe, and once they have found a nice suitable location, minor clones are sent to serve the avatar as slaves.

This theory does explain why all avatars have access to the same technology, and even explain how they come back to life after death, unless they are also clones.

Supreme Being

While science has given great understanding of how the universe works, there are still a large percentage of people from all races and civilizations that believe in a supreme being. It is not uncommon for civil unrest when the people don't have access to places of worship.

The supreme being is commonly described to as omniscience (infinite knowledge), omnipotence (unlimited power), omnipresence (present everywhere), omnibenevolence (perfect goodness), divine simplicity, and eternal and necessary existence.

The supreme being created the whole universe and everything in it. While there is no proof to prove this, there is also no proof to disprove it.

The supreme being does not have the same name in all civilizations, in some it even has no name. Some people that spend a lot of time with avatars seem to prefer the name Haxus.