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Nominal Cost
Pack Size
  • 4cu

Adamantite is a resource that is fairly difficult to obtain. It can be found in the geosphere as a ground resource in gas giants. The ground level within gas giants is very very far underwater, making it difficult to get to the solid part, often being around 30km under the water's surface. This makes it so a submersible vehicle/spacecraft is required to reach these levels. Alternatively, a harvester bay can be used to extract this without using a city.

Adamantite can mined using a mine and can be refined to adamantine at a smelter, similar to ore and vulcanite.

Adamantite deposit.

Produced by

Building Produces Consumed Required Optional
Mine 20 Adamantite

Production uses

Building Produces Consumed Required Optional
Smelter 10 Adamantine

  • 10 Adamantite