The Borg

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The Borg
Founding Date 2011-01-01
Member Count  ??
Key Members
  • groo567 (Founder)
  • 4 of 12

Summary [Limited Information Available]

The Borg was an extremely hostile empire, known for its members regularly roleplaying as their namesakes, the Borg from Star Trek. This includes frequent use of particular phrases such as "You will be assimilated" and "Resistance is futile". The Borg have a tendency to show up and 'assimilate' every colonised world they see without warning. They do not hesitate to capture cities belonging to new players, which can cause a brief outcry on galactic communication channels, but they do not seem limited to this and have attacked much bigger and older targets before.

Upon reaching a target, often a Borg vessel will hail the system announcing its intentions. This may seem counter productive, but it is in keeping with the roleplay of the original Borg. It was recommended that if you lack a significant planetary defense force and receive a hail from one of these vessels, you send a distress call immediately and/or leave the planet and settle elsewhere. Their motto of "resistance is futile" is not always true, but for the newer players it may be accurate enough.

History [Limited Information Available]

The Borg existed since the first day of Universe 3 (January 2011). The first empire encountered by the Borg was the Rik'Tan Hegemony. Not everything is known about the early days of this interaction, but it is known that some form of alliance was attempted. A short time later the Hegemony launched a preemptive attack against the Borg, claiming that the Borg were conspiring against them. The Hegemony was apparently well informed, as almost immediately the Borg were able to enlist the aid of the far more powerful Tymas Confederation from many sectors away to aid them in reclaiming what they had lost, and then some. The Borg, heavily assisted by the Tymas Confederation, drove the Hegemony nearly to extinction. They did not manage to defeat Rik'tan entirely, however, and these events ended up being a focal point in starting The Pan Galactic War.

During most of the war, and most of the time afterwards, The Borg have remained relatively quiet aside from the occasional comments in Galactic communications. Periodically a player or two will be seen panicking about some worlds in their empire being taken by The Borg, though it usually quiets down very shortly and the incident is forgotten. Some theorise that The Borg are preparing for something, waiting for the right moment to be noticed once again. Once this occurs, who knows? Maybe resistance really will be futile...


Nobody currently knows exactly what the Borg's military strength was. The total player count was relatively low, and it can be assumed that not all of the players that were listed were active. This number slowly decreased over Universe 3.