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Stars, also known as suns, are the center of solar systems.

A star can be harvested for preon particles using a particle collector bay, which then allows for the use of a star gate.

Star Types

They are described with a standard nomenclature that incorporates three factors: Type, Spectral Classification, and Size.

Dwarf stars are identified only by their size and type; no spectral classification is assigned. For instance, a DM is a red dwarf star of type M.

Spectral classification is expressed as a decimal number from 0 to 9.

Star Type
Type Mnemonic Color
O "Oh" Blue
B "Be" Blue
A "A" Blue
F "Fine" White
G "Girl" Yellow
K "Kiss" Orange
M "Me" Red
Star Sizes
Size Title
Ia Bright Supergiant
Ib Weaker Supergiant
II Bright Giant
III Giant
IV Subgiant
V Main Sequence
VI Subdwarf
D Dwarf

Real-World Definition

The Earth's sun is a G2 V, indicating type G, spectral class 2, size V main sequence.