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Medic Station
Consumed Materials
Tools Required

The Medic Station is a crew member's interface to the surgery unit. It is located inside of the sickbay. It can also be located on new worlds in hospitals.

Surgery Station

The sick bay of a spacecraft contains a medic station and a surgery unit. One configuration of the surgery unit is the surgical medical unit. These two devices work together to enable one character or crewman to heal or revive another.

The patient must enter the surgery unit with no clothes or armor on. To do this, stand in the surgery unit and press the 'use' key, default E. A patient under cardiac arrest can be carried to the surgery unit by aiming at the dying patient and pressing the 'use' key. As long as the patient is held in one's hands, the patient will not die of bleeding. The clothing and armor does not need to be removed for a patient suffering cardiac arrest.

A player or a crew member can operate the medic station. A patient cannot operate on his or her self, so it is mandatory that someone is operating the station.

Surgery Console

The surgery station depicts the patient on the screen. Conditions detected by the surgery unit are shown on the body image. The red heart at the bottom flashes to show that the patient is alive. The horizontal green bar is the health bar of the patient which shows current and total body hit points. The surgery station performs various treatments on the patient. Some treatments require appropriate materials to be available in the hold of the ship. The following table lists the treatments that can be performed in the order they appear across the bottom of the console screen.

Button Treatment Effect Commodity Note
50px Bandage wounds Heals hit points Medical kit must be present in hold. Consumes a medical kit that fails its quality check so poor quality medical kits get used up faster.
50px Decontaminate Removes acid Water must be present in hold. Acid must be selected on body. Consumes one unit of water to decontaminate the acid.
50px Perform physical therapy Removes paralysis Paralysis must be selected on body.
50px Administer antidote Remove poison Antidote must be present in hold. Poison must be selected on body. Consumes an antidote that fails its quality check so poor quality antidotes get used up faster.
50px Inject antitoxin Removes disease Antitoxin must be present in hold. Disease must be selected on body. Consumes an antitoxin that fails its quality check so poor quality antitoxins get used up faster.
50px Perform surgery Removes parasite Parasite must be selected on body.
50px Defibrillate Revives dying patient Revives dying creature lying on the floor inside the surgery unit. Heart icon will stop blinking when defibrillation is needed. Any dying creature's body may be placed in a surgery unit for defibrillation.

Each treatment may inflict hit points of damage to the patient's body with the exception of bandaging wounds. It is possible for a treatment to cause a patient to lose enough hit points to fall to the floor dying. Be prepared to defibrillate patients who lose consciousness during medical procedures.

Applying the incorrect treatment may harm or kill the patient.

Genetics Station


Cybernetics Station