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The bomb defusal interface. Red wire being hovered over.

Any explosive device that is remote triggered can be defused. This is done simply by click the explosive device with the hand cursor. If the explosive device was armed by the avatar itself, it will automatically be disarmed and picked up instead.

Defusal seem to mainly be about luck, cutting the correct wire. If there is any actual hints, puzzle or way to solve the defusal it is unknown to the community.

Remote Triggered Explosive Devices

A list of explosive devices that feature remote triggers and can be defused:


The defusal interface shows 4 wires. The wires each have one of 4 different reactions when cut.

  1. Disarm the explosive device
  2. Close from the defusal interface without consequence
  3. Start quick countdown to detonation
  4. Detonate immediately


  • Since you can rapidly cut after the timer starts, you have a decent chance of success overall.