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All living, such as creatures and plants, are made up of...

Creature DNA

All creatures uses the same type of DNA, the same building blocks. The DNA is capable of quadrillions of different combinations.


The 3D model representation of each animal specie is synthesized from its DNA. Not all DNA attributes are visible on the model, particularly those related to its behavior.

After traveling to many worlds you may see an animal that reminds you of another animal you saw elsewhere but it is unlikely to be identical.

Sentient Races

When you start the game by creating a new empire, you must configure the DNA of your race.

The physical make-up of an avatar or citizen's body is determined by its DNA. Factors such as speed, agility, hit points, innate weapons and defenses, and locomotion are all determined by its DNA. The DNA describes all of the physical aspects of creature's body.

DNA Combination

When DNA from two creatures is combined, the result is random based on both DNA. Size values are selected within the range created by the two DNA traits, e.g. hand size 2 combined with hand size 5 results in a hand size from 2 to 5 inclusive. Type values are selected from one of the two DNA traits, e.g. hand type will be one or the other, not something else.

Mutations do not occur. Values do not stray outside the range or types of the DNA that is combined. There is no mutation when identical DNA are combined; that way identical parents will always produce identical offspring.

Plant DNA

World DNAs

Plant Species

Animal Species

((Three altitudes * three vegetation densities + one undersea) * three times of day * seven species) = 210 different species of animals in each resource zone.

Sentient Specie

In addition to animal species, each habitable world stores the DNA of one sentient race. The first avatar to encounter a village or build a building on the world establishes its sentient race to be their DNA. These are referred to as indigenous people to that world.