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The reason given is: Needs explaination about each tab and list of important features.

The main bio tab.

The Bio (F8) window displayers information relevant to the avatar. Most importantly is the home city and possible spacecraft berth.


The Avatar page shows stats related to the Avatar. Such as:

Spawn Controls

The buttons at the bottom of the tab are used to control spawning and spawn tieing.

If a berth is held, a button to release the berth will be present. This can be done at anytime, no matter where or what state the spacecraft is in. Do however note that if the spacecraft is in stasis it can be lost.

A button allows the changing of Home City to the city that the avatar is currently in. Even the building is remembered, so any building in the city can become a spawn point.

Lastly a button to initiate Recall Home.



Shows the basic creature stats of the avatar.


See the Skill page.


See the Land page.


See the Job page.


Lists the bounties placed on the avatar.