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2019-10-01 and 2019-10-02 Animalia with Pictures
Hair styles only apply to creatures with hair. The DNA determines the presence and length of hair on all parts of the body. The hair style can shave or cut/shape that hair however it wants but it can't make it longer (no hair extensions in the far future I guess).

I don't know that hair styles will have any effect at all on feathered or scaly creatures. Feathers and scales are too rigid for that.
2019-10-02 Update
The first go in the "real" universe using a gen4 avatar had some embarrassing problems. This update fixes those.

Shaders were created for gen4 animals to render in the various environments of Shores of Hazeron.

An ambient lighting bug was fixed that caused gen4 animals to be lit incorrectly.

Spherical ambient lighting model was tweaked a bit to improve contrast. This change affects many things, not just animals.

A bug was fixed that caused hair and transparent visor parts to be invisible on gen4 creatures in your scene, other than your own avatar, whose hair looked fine.

Fixed hair and visor to be invisible when the avatar is an invisible agent. The disembodied hair looked strange walking around.

Hair and shave styles are no longer lost when an agent teleports with a gen4 avatar.
Quote:Haxus, please remake your old Architect avatar using gen4 avatar creator
My avatars Haxus (male) and Geniv (female) are gen4 animals. I am glad to show them off, now that the rendering bugs are fixed.

It sounds like there are some other bugs that need immediate attention. Now that I can safely exist as a gen4 avatar, I will spend some time on those. Sorry to have neglected this.

As I poured every waking minute into working on these new animals, I purposefully avoided getting distracted by bug fixes. I resolved that, if I could not create a satisfactory improvement to the animals, I was going to bail on the project. There could be no real future for Shores of Hazeron without decent dynamic creatures.

We're in luck. The gen4 creatures are satisfactory and they have the potential to expand and grow and improve over time. The gen3 (and gen2) DNA structure was very rigidly defined; it had no path for growth at all. The gen3 models were very static, with no way for me to do anything with them, or to add variations. Gen4 models are generated by my code so I can improve them as I see fit. The gen4 DNA is highly dynamic, with the potential to add any biological feature in the future.

So I'll keep working on this project. I'm not sure what else I would do anyway. If it ever brings in a positive cash flow, I might even hire some help.
Here are some pictures.
(10-02-2019, 07:07 PM)Haxus Wrote: I don't know that hair styles will have any effect at all on feathered or scaly creatures. Feathers and scales are too rigid for that.

Wig's Haxus, wigs.  Might give us a use for planet fiber, seeing as it's easily made obsolete by easier (in my opinion) to obtain higher quality oil to textiles via plastic.

(10-02-2019, 09:47 PM)Haxus Wrote: Here are some pictures.

I love them, you were correct in the cartoony aspect, but I think they hold true to that feel for Hazeron.

edit: clarifying my statement.
The male in every one of those pictures is Haxus. The only differences are hair style and clothing.

Haxus and Geniv are the default human DNA atm.

I’ll give him a touch of grey when the DNA editor is hooked up, and maybe a little more tan than L’Oreal A1.
As much as I don't have much room to talk after spending all my time lurking on the forums, these new creatures are pret-ty neat. Focusing on a simplified look has really paid off. I especially like the semi-futuristic digital camouflage on Troop2 and Troop3.

Although it might look better if eyes were simply beady dots and didn't have the strange disc representing their sockets..  :D

Nice work overall. Interested to see how the nonhumans look. Say, you could do a pretty good Homer Simpson race with the mouths..
The stars our compass. The universe our sea.  
Interested to see all the potential customization options, wondering about the ability to place protrusions for things like horns or tusks, or spines like a stegosaurus (along with dimorphism, etc).

If hair growth is modifiable (cuttable/shortenable), could potentially have modifiable protrusions as well. Really interested if could do a "generate within species" option that randomly modifies haircuts and randomizes possible variants within an acceptable range.
I'd like to see extreme sexual dimorphism in some species.

just imagine, a race where the men are human-like and the women are spider-centaurs
Tbh graphic-wise u were on the right path regarding the new avatars at your first attempt


on the other hand, and this is way more important, is your flexibility.

If you apply that flexibility to the whole game, hazeron can indeed become very big.

Also, like that u r now finally open to hire additional support.

So in total: even though i still dont like the "looks", i am more concerned about the substance of the game, so ib that regard, thumbs up.
... first, as a dark demon. As a demon, it uses its power to rain death upon the land, and then it dies. However, after a period of slumber, Razgriz returns, this time, as a great hero.

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