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Dreadknought Conspiracy Conquest
The Dreadknought Conspiracy plans to lay conquest to the western half of the SoH galaxy, starting with the northwest quadrent.

We will be sparing Weltriech systems, as we have no current quarrel with the Weltriech, as well as single system empires and any current allies.

Consider this the galaxy's warning. Will discuss any diplomacy, bargains, or cries for mercy here, the Hazeron discord, or in Galactic in game chat.

Conquest shall start in October, and continue until complete, or our unlisted goals are met.
We are the Dreadknought Conspiracy. Please discard all further questions.
Oh this looks familiar..... I may need to start playing again.
Reaume del Seint Graal affectionately reminds her little brothers and sisters in the Galactic Community that we cannot advise any custom modifications (such as, say modification of ownership) to Grail worlds or spaceborne assets, as it may void your life-insurance policy: please check your documents for details.

If you do decide to go ahead, good luck! Smile  And please don't forget to take advantage of the current government's generous offer to repatriate any recoverable body parts free of charge (offer applies only to old-style body parts).
[Image: 7JQk4bf.jpg]

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