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Hazeron Thunderdome Round I: Signups open!
Hazeron Thunderdome
Round I

For some time, we've been trying to convince Haxus of the Fun to be had from a pocket-sized, fast-resetting deathmatch universe where the only constant is death. (And matches)

Since we haven't yet succeeded, we're going to start by making our own. Each round will need two teams and an umpire.

The teams:
  • Two empires, hostile to each other and everyone else. The umpire has total authority over both, allowing oversight and enforcing the rules. He will use this authority as sparingly as possible.
  • Players can vote for a team start, each team starting in one system, or a deathmatch start with each player in a system. In a deathmatch start, players are encouraged to manually attack other players on the same team. We'll have to see how well that works. More teams can be done, if there are enough umpire volunteers.
  • Avatars cannot join after game start. Avatars can join who already exist in the universe, but they must enter the game naked, not on the roster of any ship and with an empty bank account. Fresh avatars are recommended. Highborns not allowed; demis allowed if you're a masochist, but once they're dead they're dead. 
The zone:
  • One sector is added to the zone for every two signups. Leaving the zone means you're disqualified. The umpire can see the empire starmap so he'll know.
  • The zone will be fully surveyed by the umpire before game start and starting systems allocated to players.
  • Players will be transported naked to their starting locations by the umpire.
  • Warp permitted or not permitted based on player vote at game start. For small games, no-warp is encouraged. Umpire can see the patent lists.
  • The zone will be in a remote location revealed only to participants. Unauthorized ships entering the zone will be destroyed by umpire forces.
  • Umpires should survey the area using their own empire, so as not to reveal the starmap to the participants at game start.
The game:
  • The game has a maximum time of 4 weeks, increased by 1 week for every player above 4.
  • The game is over when the time expires, one team is destroyed or a player/team is declared winner by all other players/teams. A game can be declared stalemate by unanimous vote.
  • There is a grace period of 48 hours at the beginning of each round, during which players may not leave their starting systems. Particularly in small games, this prevents the player in the earlier time zone from running around grabbing everything.
  • The game is scored by developed systems owned and cities conquered. Each system owned is worth one point. Each city conquered is worth 4 points. Conquests must be reported to the umpires as they occur and will be counted throughout the game. This scoring system will develop over time. Umpire decides whether a system is developed enough to count.
  • As a prize, everything in the zone will be surrendered to the winning team. The winning team has a week to remove what they want to the wider galaxy before the umpire deletes everything in the zone. The umpires may at that point remove anything still remaining to their own empires.
  • To help ensure the availability of umpires, the winner of each round is expected to umpire the next round unless there is a good reason not to.
Some rules:
  • Rules will develop over time; the umpire has authority to enforce fair play as he sees best. That authority will become more circumscribed as concrete rules emerge.
  • No lag-bombs or exploits affecting quality of others' gameplay.
  • No unconquerable cities or indestructible spacecraft. 
  • No creative use of pirates. Pirates which emerge organically are thrown into the mix.

Signups for the first round are now open and will close early September! Game start is one week after that. Copy the list below and add yourself, removing the example. I will personally assist the first umpire. Sign up as an avatar and avatar ID please, not an empire or forum member. State your current empire if applicable. You can name your teams by vote after signups are complete

Umpire Volunteers:
  1. Haxus (0000) Ron Pauline Empire
Team Holt:
  1. Raymond Holt (5261796d6e6420) Weischelbrauniacs
Team Peralta:
  1. Jake Peralta (9544) Beatsie Boys
[Image: 7JQk4bf.jpg]
Sign me up on whichever team Weltreich isn't on. Since it is easier to be sore loser when the other team is a confirmed cheater/exploiter. *smirk*

Avatar: Deantwo (MCPMB)
Empire: Foxtail
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
Umpire Volunteers:
  1. Haxus (0000) Ron Pauline Empire

Team Holt:
  1. Deantwo (MCPMB) Foxtail

Team Peralta:
  1. Jake Peralta (9544) Beatsie Boys
Hello I would like to join Team Holt and thus I have adjusted the list.

Umpire Volunteers:
  1. Haxus (0000) Ron Pauline Empire

Team Holt:
  1. Deantwo (MCPMB) Foxtail
  2. BugMan (IQXXZPE) N/A

Team Peralta:
  1. Jake Peralta (9544) Beatsie Boys
Since I don't have enough time to act as umpire during August and since we're also missing any Team 2 signups, I'm postponing the beginning of the match until September. Let's get some teams by then!
The game sector has been surveyed and starting planets selected. We are ready to begin soon, whenever the players are ready.

Currently we have no opposing team. Bugman, would you be willing to go up against Dean in this first round, to help get things off the ground?

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