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Foxtail Empire Destroyed
Since a minor diplomatic incident 2018-09-23, the Weltreich empire has been periodically attacking the Foxtail empire for insignificant reasons or at random. There has been minor promises of peace a few time between the two empires, but they were always short lived due to one issue or another. But the Foxtail empire has NEVER actually done any real harm to the Weltreich empire.

The day before yesterday, 2019-07-07, the capital city of the Foxtail empire, Rævehjerte, was captured by the Weltreich empire yet again. All other infrastructure in the solar system was completely destroyed.

The Foxtail home system of Tail was defenseless against the overwhelming Weltreich forces. Partly becaise the Foxtail government decided against fortifying defenses after the last attack, the previous attacks by the Weltreich empire had proven such as a wasted effort.

With their home system in ruins and the remains of their home world being held hostage, the last remaining Foxtail military decided that enough was enough. All military spacecraft has assumed a guerrilla warfare strategy to carry out hit-and-run style attacks on Weltreich outposts throughout the eastern cluster of the SoH galaxy. The Foxtail spacecraft FFS Fox Thunder IV has at this point destroyed ~30 Weltreich outposts in the eastern cluster and will continue until incapable of doing so, or until the Weltreich empire permanently vacate the eastern cluster of the SoH galaxy.

The Foxtail military is fully aware that nothing they do can cause any real harm to the Weltreich empire. Any and all actions are purely based on avenging the what happened to their Foxtail birthplace, futile as it might be. The Foxtail people has simply had enough of dealing with this galactic bully.

The Foxtail empire encourage other empires avoid interaction with the Weltreich empire. The Weltreich empire is described to be unreasonable and unstable. A minor diplomatic incident may result in the Weltreich empire launching a genocidal campaign without warning. And that is even without considering the Weltreich empire's attacks on fletchling empires and their ludicrous claim on the whole universe.
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I encourage everyone to keep an eye on the empire standings board. As a direct result of Dean's actions, Weltreich will be taking an especial interest in the eastern cluster, replacing each city destroyed with two new and heavily fortified ones.
The Weltreich empire openly admit they take the universe as their hostage. The Weltreich empire declared that they will attack random innocent empires for as long as the Foxtail empire continues to take hostile action against them.

The remains of the Foxtail empire however won't stop attacking Weltreich outposts wherever found and whenever possible.

Transcript can be found in the galactic community discussion system.
See: Hazeron Community Discord server's #galactic channel
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I read this every morning to start my day off right.
(11-13-2019, 01:41 AM)Mr. Mortius Wrote: I read this every morning to start my day off right.

How can you expect Dean to sue for peace if you keep sending him mean messages over the internet? Sad
It's not very becoming of the ruler of the entire universe.
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From experience, those who rule the universe, tend to do so with an iron fist. Until someone else comes along and takes it from them.
As the Weltreich empire has shown, they don't even themselves know why they attacked the Foxtail homeworld.
See: Hazeron Community Discord server's #galactic channel

This proves that the Weltreich empire is clearly diplomatically incompetent. Forgetting any peace deals or other agreements. Wrong the Weltreich empire once and they might hit you for it a year later even if the incident was resolved long ago.
Old settlement:

The Foxtail empire will consider peace when the Weltreich empire have an actual reason for the unprovoked attacks on and total destruction of the Foxtail homeworld. Followed by an apology and surrender of all Foxtail sectors.
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Reason: Tragic Accident
Nothing left to surrender.
Terribly sorry.
The Weltreich empire has again attacked the Foxtail empire unprovoked and without reason.

The Foxtail empire will start by retaliating with force. For once the Foxtail empire will be able to cause permanent lasting harm to the Weltreich empire, this will make this payback worth it.
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