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2019-06-28 Star Map Friends, Search System Scan, Search Cache
Star Map Friends
The poll posted in the previous thread revealed that friends shouldn't provide position information to anyone at all.

The presence of friend empires no longer helps you receive information about cities and spacecraft in solar systems they know about. To receive city information in solar systems explored by your empire, one of the following must be true.
  • Empire city or base is in the system.
  • Empire spacecraft is in the system, not in deep space.
  • Empire airport terminal or base air terminal is within 17.32pc of the system.
  • Avatar is in the system when the star map request is made.
Search System Scan
The star map search tool should be able to show a scan of the system.

Solar system scan widget added to star map search tool.

Search System Cache
The star map search tool is very slow the first time. It should cache the data so it is faster.

Star map search data is now cached.

Please be patient if you have a huge star map of scanned systems. If you cancel a search, any data created along the way does get cached so you can do it a bit at a time if it is really slow.

New emperors exploring space will likely not notice because the cache will fill as they go.

A player who joins a new empire would have to wait the first time.

The Settings|Program|Clear All Cached Files button removes the local cache file.

Construction Blueprint Filter Architect Id
The construction blueprint filter should show the id next to the architect names because names don't have to be unique.

Avatar id added to architect list on filter dialog.

Search for Suns
When searching for suns, the check boxes should be OR'd instead of AND'd.

Sun check boxes on search tool are now treated as an OR, so any one of them true finds the system.

It was suggested that the word workshops be used instead of shops, to add clarity.

The word shop was changed to workshop where appropriate.

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