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2019-06-20 Patent Bug, Handcraft Bullion
Patent Bug
Started developing the patent to mine radioactives. 10 radioactives are required. It should only be 1.

Patents that consume materials were multiplying the amount required by 10, like a production process. Fixed production multiplier bug.

Handcraft Bullion
When I handcraft bullion from metal, I only get 1 coin.

When bullion is handcrafted, you now get the amount of cronos equal to the value of the metal. Fractions are lost.

Fence Construction
I built a farm, the Pioneer Cabin by Haxus. It has small bits of split rail fence at the corners. I drew chain link fence with razor wire around the farm, snapping to the corner posts of the split rail fence. The flags along the fence line appear. I can walk on the site and the locator says I am at a fence under construction but Work Construction Site does nothing. If I run back and forth along the fence line it eventually gets built but not always.

Fixed bug that caused fences to only adjust to the terrain on the client side. On the server side, the fence was a straight line and hilly terrain caused trouble finding it. The fix means that existing fences may not conform to the terrain.

Adding any construction, such as a short bit of dirt road, will cause fences to adjust to the terrain. Fences are adjusted immediately, before construction on the road begins. The road can be deleted right away.

Also, deleting any construction will cause fences to adjust to the terrain.

Destroyed Building Money
When a building is destroyed, all money it contained is lost. If that is the only bank in town, most of the money in town is lost.

When a building is destroyed, whatever money it had is given to the community. If the community has a bank, that is where it will go, otherwise it gets stored in a different building. If there are no other buildings, the money is lost.

This transaction appears on the city report as "Transfer from Destroyed Building".

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