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2019-06-19 Server Lockup
Server Lockup
Several servers have locked up in the past week.

Fixed deadlocks in ships and in buildings.

Max Fence Length
Fences can be very long. This is inefficient.

Fences are limited to 1000m end to end length.

Declare Home
The Declare Home button should be on the building page of the building window.

Declare Home button moved from Bio|Avatar window to Building|Building window.

Capitol Jurisdiction Bug
Built a farm. Then built a capitol near the farm. The farm was not in the town of the capitol until after a server restart.

Fixed initial jurisdiction of capitol building.

Money to Metal
Money tends to accumulate in large amounts. If it is bullion made from metal, why can't it be melted back into metal.

Smelter can now make metal from cronodollars.
  • Cronos are always refined to Q255 purity so the resulting metal is Q255.
  • Cronos minted from magmium or vulcium do not produce those metals when smelted; they produce Metal.
Someone may say that allows a freighter to haul a lot of metal without taking any cargo space. That is already true of cronodollars. When transferring cronos, think of it like a cheque, authorizing the bank or storage facility to transfer the coins to the recipient.

Mint Bullion Bug
A Q255 unit of metal is worth about 52 cronos. How can a mint make 1600+ cronos from a unit of metal?

Minting processes were fixed to produce the number of coins exactly equal to the value of the metal(s) used. All minting produces Metal coins.

Mint Bullion using Adamantine
There are no processes to mint bullion using adamantine.

Cronos can now be minted using adamantine. The patent for this depends upon the patent for minting bullion from vulcium.

Fence Material
Fences in blueprints take too much material when the building is constructed.

Changed the formulae for calculating fence materials. They should be quite a bit less now.
Oh man, usually I can strongly support most the decisions that you make design wise but money to metal feels like taking a short cut design wise rather than actually addressing the issue.

I hope we see more proper uses for money in future.

Beyond that, really solid update. As always, I can't wait to see more.
We are the Dreadknought Conspiracy. Please discard all further questions.
Metal is directly converted to cronodollars; they come from no other source. It makes sense to allow cronos to be converted back to the raw metal. The conversion is exactly equal back and forth. It cannot be used to make magic money.

It can be used to convert vulcium, magmium, and adamantine to metal, a feat of dubious value.

The only anomaly is the ability to transfer money without taking cargo space. This is a convenience. Cronos are metal coins. It would be a nuisance to consume one unit of cargo space for every 51.7 cronos in the ship’s fund, or worse, a unit of pack space for every 51.7 cronos in your possession. I recommend glossing over this one; think of it as a transaction handled by some intergalactic banking system.

In a Star Trek Next Generation episode we watched recently, criminals demanded payment in “latinum bars”. They could not ask for some kind of currency because the Federation is so advanced they don’t use money. Metal always seems to have value, assuming latinum is metal and not milk chocolate. Interestingly, the Enterprise had some aboard, though they could have synthesized it.
Seems too easy to mass produce Q255 metal this way.

mine (Q51) > smelt > mint > convert back (Q255)

It add steps to the production chain, but it's not that much seeing the cronodollar income of Weltreich (even if he don't need that to get Q255 metal).

Otherwise nice update !
(06-20-2019, 05:35 AM)Neils Iyssada Wrote: Seems too easy to mass produce Q255 metal this way.

mine (Q51) > smelt > mint > convert back (Q255)

My first thought would be to just limit the quality of the resulting metal with the "metal smelting patent", but there is no such patent. But could just be a patent specifically for this process.

Either way, I do find it interesting how this actually adds at least a little value to Cronodollars, and now your capitals' tribute chain allows for metal production hubs.

But we could always use some more money sinks. For example a recovery fee when respawning your spacecraft from stasis.
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
Not completely sure how economy could work when we are still able to just print money and take whatever we want from cities. Easiest system would be to make empire treasury and personal wallet completely separate, and remove the actual minting. Only good thing about minting is that it feels like an accomplishment/advancement to get money made.

Maybe the cities/empire should just magically create money in cities that have a bank. And then taxes are moved to an "empire treasury" that is not bound to a city.
Cities, bases, ships and such can then take money directly from the empire treasury to pay for maintenance and wages.

We have had threads about it:
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo
Quote:we are still able to just print money
In what way are you able to just print money?

Every crono in the universe is minted from metal, with few exceptions. A lot of metal was mined to produce all those cronodollars that now exist, only the amount was incorrect due to a bug.

It is also possible that cronos exist due to prior bugs or ways of exploiting the system; I think those have been fixed. There is no way to identify that bad money so we just have to live with it, not a game changer, especially when that metal can be used to build gleaming space ships and cities, which can then be utterly destroyed.
Quote:Seems too easy to mass produce Q255 metal this way.
People have asked for processes that refine materials. This is an example of one.

There is a tradeoff. Lower Q metal produces less Q255 metal when refined, in the amount of cronos made. When those cronos are converted back to metal, the resulting amount of Q255 metal is less than the original amount of lower Q metal, accordingly.

At that point, converting the Q255 metal back to cronos and then back to Q255 metal results in exactly the same amount of Q255 metal.

A mint produces 517 cronos from 10 units of Q255 metal. A smelter converts 5170 cronos into 100 units of Q255 metal. The ratio is the same.
Quote:now your capitals' tribute chain allows for metal production hubs
It would be easier to have a broker send shipments. The destination wouldn't have to be your capitol city.
May be limit fences to 100m ? It's already way too long, for small palnets esp.

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