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Ship interior Prefab Kit
Designing interiors is a rather laborious and time-consuming process, even for someone with experience with 3d modelling tools.  To save myself (and you) some time, I've put together a bit of a starter kit of interior pieces with which to build out the interior of a ship, similar to the parts from the old Garry's Mod spacebuild gamemode.  Everything in the Blender file is on a grid, so it all snaps together nicely.  Also included are some goodies like doors, 3 bridge models, and a few pieces to help you integrate the doorways and bridge models into your hull.

The idea is to get the interior rooms built up, then build the hull around them.  Export everything to .3ds and you're ready to start putting in voids and such. 

5/13/2019 - Added fighter/shuttle parts (no UVs yet). Fixed origin on hangar connector/entrance bits.


These parts are mostly intended to have a connector/doorway inbetween rooms, however many parts fit together without them.

[Image: FiTPa5a.jpg]

The bridges have 3 parts: The interior (room), exterior (hull), and the window

[Image: 7pcE1mT.jpg]

An example of parts put together (without a hull)
[Image: dcez0qj.jpg]
[Image: cT771LN.jpg]
You are an absolutely cool dude
[Image: fe797a1694929efd30d309ea6d5192e8.png]
Someone has to put this on workshop. Are you still here leadphalanx ?

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