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2019-04-25 Hospital, Server Deadlock
Hospital Medic Station
Hospital medic station not usable.

Avatar can now use hospital medic station to perform medical procedures on a patient, just like the sick bay of a ship.

Hospital Supplies Needed
Hospital medic station cannot function without medical supplies.

Hospital now imports supplies used by the surgery station. It also imports pharmaceuticals and a few foods. Its rate of import is the slowest possible but it will still eventually fill all of its storage space. Hospital designs need very little storage space.

Doctor Needed
Hospital medic station would be more helpful if it was operated by an NPC.

When you enter a room that contains a surgery station, a city worker will operate the medic station. It may take up to a minute for the doctor to arrive. A doctor will not appear if the building has no workers, as shown on the Building window.

Server Deadlock
Server deadlocked when someone picked up an item.

Fixed code that permitted a deadlock condition when picking up an item.

Buildings Strobe in Sync
All city strobes appear to be on the same timer.

Strobes at each site are now synchronous at that site but strobes are not synchronous between sites. This is also true of the rotation angle of beacons.

City Code
Now that the old style cities and buildings are gone from the universe, their code and resources can be removed.

This was a glorious task, dramatized in my mind by screams and the sounds of chainsaws emanating from my office for days, as I laughed maniacally, chopping at the giant tumorous growth of old city code.

Code grows continuously. It is a rare and joyous moment when you get to remove some. In this case, the raw line count went down by about 120,000 lines, a little over 9%, and the size of the overall program distribution dropped by 20MB. The abandoned code would print out to fill more than five 500 page books. Cha CHING!

Buttons and windows for interacting with old style cities were removed. References to old style cities in tooltips and other text were removed wherever I could find them.

Buttons to request spacecraft and building designs for sale were removed from the window for asking for things for sale. They only existed to support dialog with an old style design studio.

Large textures used exclusively by old style buildings were removed.
Now that the old cities are gone, are you planning on removing the old style spaceships and stations? If so, how long until they are gone?
[Image: 250.png]
Othon Remnant
I have no immediate plans of removing the old style space ships or stations. They look funny but they conform to the same game rules as the new ships.

The old cities had their own set of conquest rules, and other issues, that drove me to remove them.
I seem to have broken something with the terrain altitude adjusting code at the sites of buildings. :/

It won't hurt the buildings, just looks ugly.

I'll get it fixed asap.
Unrelated to the update, but no one seems to know the answer. Might as well try to grab Haxus's attention while I can. How do I get crew to use ladders in the new ship designer? They just mill about the base of the ladder path, even under follow orders.

It's an outstanding question on this thread if you'd like to record the answer somewhere more searchable:
The terrain elevation bug is fixed. Servers were updated and restarted. Clients are being posted as they finish building.
On the ladder path, I suggest you insure the bottom of the ladder path is not exactly at the floor. Raise it up .1m or so above the floor.
Is the "incompatible with server" login failure simply that the client hasn't been built yet? Sorry for my ignorance.
It does appear that windows users are currently unable to enter hazeron
(04-25-2019, 07:38 PM)Vectorus Wrote: Is the "incompatible with server" login failure simply that the client hasn't been built yet? Sorry for my ignorance.

(04-25-2019, 10:09 PM)Oggal Wrote: It does appear that windows users are currently unable to enter hazeron

[Image: attachment.php?aid=40]

Something is wrong with the Win64 build.
"Arch Linux" build seem to work.

Error appears after selecting an avatar, popup appears twice but only top one can be interacted with. When "OK" is clicked the client closes.
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo

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