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Help: Crew won't move
I spent about a week making a design and the crew seem completely unwilling to move from their berths. It's not a room void issue as far as I can tell as I can walk up to them just fine. I've tried telling them to move from point to point in the same room as well as outside the room. What am I doing wrong? Do I need more walk paths than just those associated with the doors?

Edit: After further inspection, I can get a crewman in the designer to follow me to a station and man it. I was having an issue with getting the crew to do anything in the arena. This is probably an issue of me not understanding some nuance of the arena such as making sure I'm in the chain of command.
After checking in with the discord crew, specifically Deantwo, it turns out a full pathing network is required for the crew to find their way around. You can't just put walk paths through doorways like shown in the tutorial videos. See below for an example of a full pathing network. Now I just need to figure out how to make them go up and down ladders...

[Image: 7aXsefg.jpg]
(04-22-2019, 02:05 AM)Cousarr Wrote: You can't just put walk paths through doorways like shown in the tutorial videos.

Yeah, that is because the ship in the tutorial only has one room if I remember correct. So there is no reason for more walk paths in that example of the tutorial.

A bigger example might be nice for a walk-path tutorial. With multiple rooms and corridors.
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I do have a to do item to make a tutorial on walk paths. It is on my short list of things that must be done before a steam release, fwiw.
I'll post some screenshots of the ladder path setup I have when I get home from work today. The ladder path starts off above the floor and I've tried a number of variations.
Here's the ladder setup I have after I simplified it some for the purposes of just trying to get it to work.

[Image: 5QnWJbx.jpg]

The ladder path starts 0.2 m above the deck and ends 0.5m above the deck above. There's a door that's flush with the deck that I don't have rendered that they are able to stand on. In an effort to make it work, I've extended the walk path network to the bottom of the ladder path and along the length of the ladder path. Getting this to work is the first step. After the crew can use this ladder, I need to put the door back in between the decks and have them successfully navigate said door.

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