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2019-04-01 Module Patents, Space Rocket, Natural Gravity Voids
Module Patents
Patents for spacecraft modules take a huge amount of materials.

Material requirements for module patents were reduced a lot, x10 generally, more in a few cases.

It is likely that buildings already configured to develop these patents will have to be reconfigured, to pick up the changes.

Space Rocket
I have had a to-do item for a long time to make a simple rocket driven space ship design. This somehow made it onto my list of things that must be done before a Steam release.

I designed a simple space rocket and saved it in two configurations, one with a wormhole drive and one without. I will publish them in the exchange when the servers wake up. Doing this revealed a few problems.

Natural Gravity Voids
Void spaces in spacecraft designs that are configured with natural gravity have problems.

Fixed various problems with voids that use the natural gravity of the rocket's environment.

Ladder Paths
NPCs have trouble getting through a design if the path requires them to move from one ladder to another.

Fixed NPC use of ladder paths.

Rocket Entrance Bug
Space rocket design stands on its tail. A ladder leads up to the door from ground level. NPCs will not enter the rocket when it is sitting on the ground.

Fixed entrance code to consider tail landing configuration.

Omnidirectional Light Position
Omnidirectional headlight on spacecraft puts the light source in the wrong place, far from the ship.

Fixed positioning of light source for omnidirectional head light bulbs.

Suit Light Breaks
Suit light should be broken when seal is broken.

EVA suit light is now broken when the seal is broken.

Spacecraft Air
Scout parked in Atlantis hangar bay. Bay doors closed. Vacuum fills with air. Scout still thinks it is in vacuum until it is moved.

Subordinate spacecraft are now notified when air pressure changes.
Bad news.... Gravity in turbolifts is broken, and in buildings as well. I'm getting flipped sideways and upside down.
(04-01-2019, 04:38 PM)Haxus Wrote: Suit Light Breaks
Suit light should be broken when seal is broken.

EVA suit light is now broken when the seal is broken.

I understand why armor and clothing can get to 0 durability without vanishing. So you don't suddenly become naked when someone shoots at you.
But can you maybe make broken armor and clothing get destroyed when we die/respawn? Doesn't seem like a bad thing to awaken naked, and it would help with making us aware that we need new clothing/armor.
See: (Idea thread) Destroy Broken Clothing and Suits upon Death
Shores of Hazeron Wiki Moderator User: Deantwo

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