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2019-02-18 Designer
Designer Save/Restore Location
Design Environment Menu item to save/restore my current location/orientation.

Your location can now be stored using the View|Save My Position menu. Your location, facing, body pose and head tilt are stored.

Your location can be restored using the View|Restore My Position menu. There are also options to position yourself at the drawing origin and at the grid origin.

Position information is stored with the blueprint.

Designer Rename Lift Stop
Rename lift stop command needed.

Right-click menu on turbo lift in parts tree now has an option to rename a lift stop. Any lift door with the same name is also renamed at the same time.

Designer Remote Cameras
What about remote camera locations on the hull that you can switch to from the command chair?

Cameras can now be placed in a blueprint. While sitting in a command chair, you can switch cameras on or off. Then you can move forward/backward through the sequence, ordered by part id. When the camera is switched on, it resumes at the last selected camera.

Default key command station key bindings are Home=Camera on/off, Page Up/Page Down to move through the sequence.

The camera part only provides a location. Its orientation and size do not affect anything.

You can also position yourself to the location of a camera in the designer. Right-click on the camera (or any part) in the parts list to move to its location.

Designer Remote Doors
Door should have a property of whether it opens when M is pressed.

Doors now have properties to control if they are opened by the remote door switches in vehicles and in spacecraft. These properties apply to all doors, not just hull doors.

In existing blueprints, hull doors are set to respond to vehicle and spacecraft remotes. All other doors are set to respond to neither.

Designer Door Properties
Door properties do not show the properties of the selected part when displayed.

Door properties window now shows current properties of selected doors.

Showing properties of existing parts is very useful, just a bit more work than I was prepared for the first time around. I will transition all of the properties windows to do this as time permits. New properties windows will get this behavior right away.

Designer Colored Lights
Add a color to blinking lights.

Strobes and rotating beacons now have a light color property.

Designer Align Turbo Lift
It seems odd that turbo stops, which are treated as states of the turbo lift object, do not behave the same as other similar items. the turrets moved fine, the gun states moved with the base states. but yet the turbo stops don't move with the design.

Turbo lifts now act like all other parts when dragged or moved. Transformations apply to all states of the turbo lift equally.

The Parts|Align Turbo Lift command was added to align a turbo lift stop. It moves only the current stop. It is the ONLY way to move a turbo lift stop without affecting the other stops.

While it seemed clever to allow movement of the turbo lift to affect only the current stop, that behavior was not compatible with other behavior expected by users, such as when copying/pasting a drawing, or rotating a design that was drawn in the wrong direction.

I will remake the relevant video when time permits.

Designer Blueprint vs Design
The Design menu should probably be renamed Blueprint, to be consistent with other usage of the term.

Design menu change to Blueprint menu.

Designer People in Preview
Crew in preview to test pathing.

People can now be created in the design preview, using the Blueprint|Preview People command. There is a button for this on the tool bar. The button will not create people if any have already been created in the preview. They disappear when the preview is canceled.

People can be selected by clicking on them and you can click on the floor to tell them where to go. The unit orders window is not shown but its key commands for issuing unit orders are functional; Ctrl+H for "Come Here" and Ctrl+F for "Follow Me" are handy. Livestock does not respond to unit orders.

In spacecraft designs, all berths and livestock posts are filled. People appear at their berths; then they go to their stations. Livestock appears at their posts.

In building designs, all citizen posts, guard posts, and livestock posts are filled. They all appear at their posts.

Designer Berth Assignee Name
Make a decal that shows the occupant's name of a particular berth.

A berth occupant name decal was added. It must be associated to a berth to appear in the finalized drawing. The decal displays the name of the person assigned to the berth, or Unassigned.

Designer Site Properties
Ability to edit site properties - as far as I can tell the only way to change a site after placing it is to delete it. Not the biggest deal, but sometimes I forget that I was using conrete instead of grass or something.

Site properties can now be edited.

This properties window shows the current properties of the selected parts when the window appears.

Designer Effect Intensity
It would be nice if the intensity of the effect texture layer could be controlled.

A Faces|Finish|Effect Intensity command was added to configure effect intensity. Intensity is configured on selected vertices of the selected faces.

Designer Save/Restore Grid
Save/restore grid positions.

Helpers|Save Grid Position and Helpers|Restore Grid Position menus were added. There is also an option to restore the grid to the origin.

Grid positions are stored with the blueprint.

Designer Landing Orientation
Could we have an option when designing ships to set thier "landed" angle?

Spacecraft properties now specify if the ship is to land on its belly or on its tail.

Spacecraft will observe this property when orienting to terrain or other surfaces.

Crew will observe this property when landing and taking off.

World Map
World map not visible unless inside the building.

World map texture is now updated when you are at the building site. Inside the building is no longer required.

Click Mount Destination Bug
Click floor to order mount to a location, a crewman in this case, and the green spot is above the floor.

Fixed destination plane calculation to use the floor below the mount.

Automatic Manual Doors
Manual doors open automatically.

Finished manual vs automatic door code. Manual doors will not open or close automatically.

Atlantis Update
The Atlantis spacecraft model (Atlantis.SoH) that is distributed in the Blueprints folder with the SoH client now has a second transporter room, plus some additions to the Capt Cabin. I will update the exchange after the servers awaken.
There are still a few designer-related items to finish on my "must do before Steam release" list. I plan to work on them today.
Another excellent update. Glad to see more quality of life enhancements for the designer.
Really great stuff!! The remote cameras and crew pathing testing are such good additions!

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